Sam^'s application for community staff

  • Your ingame username: sparky
    Your ingame alias: Sam
    Your real name: Sam Palm
    Your DOB: 06/06/93
    Your gender: Male
    Nationality: Swedish
    Country of residence: Sweden
    Language skills: English, Swedish etc.
    English Proficiency: 8/10
    How long you have been playing: Since may 2012

    Your strengths: Id say the best i have to offer is that I've been around a long time, i know how server works, whats wrong and whats right. I find myself as a mature person, someone who takes responsibility and is reliable. Self dicipline is something i developed over the years which was a very big obstacle for me to overcome. Today i can say that ive improved after the reality hit me, you simply cannot achieve your desires without hard work and dedication.

    Your weaknesses: I sometimes pick up arguments about itty pitty things that might bother me. In my book argumenting is fine within the lines of staying nice and behaving, flaming and personal assaults are overboard.

    I also get annoyed by people who act ignorant or play stupid. I dont see this as an issue, but its definitely a weakness if people can reach you that easily.

    ***Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES)***: Community staff
    Teamspeak Installed: Yes
    Discord Installed: Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes, got all my groups there and my squad. (nick:marshall_904)

    Reason for application: I'm currently in the recruitment process for the Swedish police academy, and i presume same reasoning applies here. I feel that justice should be applied where it's mostly needed, and i personally strive to create a athmosphere where everyone can get along, despite differences. I'm not applying for community police, but to a position that has the crucial responsibillity of keeping our 15 year old community healthy; by caring , supporting and welcoming players.

    Besides, i play MTA as my only game, and i think it would be a nice addition to my experience, and in return the community gets use of my services.

    Unique qualities you can offer: Integrity, moral uprightness and having strong moral principles what i value the most. Trust, being right with myself and everyone else is what i strive for. Other qualities is understanding and patience. You never know what other people are going through, despite you being behind a screen or standing infront of them. Ive learned throughout my years that patience and comprimising is the way to go, fury and anger only gnaws on oneself.

    Server Memberships: FOX as leader, SAPD HQ, Sai-Supervisor, DE Airborne, CC Mech, HLS GA, LWS HQ

    Additional information I'm Sam, I work alot and im a very technical person. I'm interested in law enforcement, and im hoping to join the academy when the time right. I strive for life quality, being able to make a difference is more important then the pay check we get at the end of each month.

    Despite my full time employment, i do find time to play mta, socialize with friends and exercise. I work for Semantix, a big nordic company (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) that specializes in interpretors and semantics, this is however nothing im willing to pursue as a carrer.

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Some adminjails for dm
    Previous (legitimate) bans: None
    ***Are you a muslim?***: Private


  • Good application, always looking for new Norwegian blood in the team. Sure he's not related to you at all @Magnus with him being Swedish?

    I'm expecting a king of the tower event upon you reading this so I can procrastinate from answering more apps.

    Welcome to the team!

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