Thing's Application for CS

  • Your ingame username: thehh
    Your ingame alias: Thing
    Your real name: Sandu
    Your year of birth: 1996
    Your gender: Male

    Nationality: Dutch
    Country of residence: the Netherlands
    Language skills: Dutch, Frisian, and English on a C1/C2 level, German on a B1 level, Romanian and Spanish on an A1 level
    English Proficiency: 8,5/10

    How long you have been playing: Since the summer of 2013
    Your strengths:

    • Direct
    • Strict
    • Fair
    • Honest
    • Organised
    • Experienced
    • Educated

    Your weaknesses:

    • Short temper
    • Lazy
    • Grumpy
    • Too serious

    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES) : CS

    Teamspeak Installed: Yes
    Discord Installed: Yes
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord: Yes

    Reason for application:

    • Willingness to help new and existing players in the server with questions
    • Punishing rulebreakers as I see too many people getting away with breaking the rules
    • Strengthening the Community Staff team with my knowledge of the server
    • Since I enjoy helping people in general, why not make it into a daily task
    • Aiming towards making the CS team better by providing the right information to players
    • While playing in the server as a ''normal'' player for several years, I think it is time for a new challenge

    Unique qualities you can offer:

    • Several years of experience as a server admin in multiple games
    • Knowledge of the server for more than five years
    • Management skills
    • Knowledge of cultural differences
    • Having an unbiased opinion about situations

    Server Memberships:

    • Advisor and Director of The Company
    • Impounder in Cuban Cars
    • Deputy in San Andreas Interceptors
    • Senator in the Government
    • DJ of Radio SA

    Additional information:

    • Currently, I am a third year International Business & Management Student on a Bachelor level
    • Graduated in Wholesales Management on an Associate Degree level
    • Wide knowledge of Geography and Culture by doing extensive research on a daily basis
    • Interested in doing a Masters Degree in Diplomacy or International Relations in the near future
    • Besides all of that, I am still an enjoyable person, people just do not understand when to be serious and when not

    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: No
    Previous (legitimate) bans: No

    Are you a muslim? : No, I am an Atheist.

    • Do
    • You
    • Like
    • Lists?

    I think a short temper and laziness is probably not the best things for an aspiring CS member but despite that, still a pretty decent app that's straight to the point(s).

    Unfortunately you have not been successful during this recruitment. However please don't let it this demotivate you to aspire towards the next recruitment.
    Help out both ingame and in #saes-support consistently to significantly raise your chances.
    Best of luck next time!

    alt text

  • I'll also add your glorious attitude on discord last night to that reason.
    Don't bother applying next time unless you've sorted that elitest attitude out.