Alper's Application for Community Staff

  • Your ingame username:hextech
    Your ingame alias:[NNB]Alper<vL>
    Your real name:Alper Reis
    Your year of birth:24/04/98
    Your gender:Male
    Country of residence:United Kingdom
    Language skills: Currently, I’m studying in United Kingdom so it gave me some advantages in writing, reading and speaking. So, I can speak, read, and write fluently.
    English Proficiency: To be honest, I can rate my speaking, reading, and writing skills 8 out of 10.
    How long you have been playing: I have been playing SAES since 9th September 2014.
    Your strengths: In real life, I can work within a team because I take responsibility seriously and do it in a timely and accurate manner, while not stressing under pressure and heavy workloads. I have done various projects in school with my friends and always take the responsibility of being group leader. Also, I'm good at communicating with people. I did an internship in the Central bank of Cyprus, I was working in the department of Public Relations and Advertising. This helping me gain lots of experience. On the other hand, I'm creative person, if something comes up in my mind, I start work on it and do not stop until finish it. Also, I can produce quick solutions for the problems to solve them. I have lots of friend in real life and all of them come to me if they need help on any matter. Because they know that I can find a solution for them to solve their problems. In-game, Well, I was one of the instructors in San Andreas Police Academy. While I was doing my job as an instructor, I understood that I'm good at teaching new things to new people. All the new cadets were like my friends and they were happy while spending their times with me. I know that taught so many things to them. Also, I'm current vice leader of the National Narcotics Bureau, being a vice leader gave me more responsibilities than before for example I must keep the control inside of the squad, need to deal with financial matters and the reports if comes about a member. Also, it gave me another responsivity to talk with new people to convince them to SAES and of course NNB. After a while, NNB started to grow up with me and I grow up with it. So, I gain much more experience while leading it to higher levels. Also, my relationship with people is getting much better every day because college helped me to passed, my shy condition.
    Your weaknesses: Well, it is hard to see your weakness, but I know some weakness that I have. First, if someone I can lose my control in fight, but I realise that life is too short to break people hearts so If an apology needed can easily apologize to people. Secondly, sometimes I can easily trust people, but it is ended up with a disappointment, but these are good lessons for me to learn to do not trust people easily.
    Preferred Position (SAHA/CS/SAES): My preferred position is Community Staff.
    Teamspeak Installed: Yes, I have installed Teamspeak.
    Discord Installed:Yes, I have installed Discord.
    Do you frequently get involved on Discord:I try my best to be active on discord.
    Reason for application: Well, the main reason is, I love to be part of SAES community player from the beginning. I always try to help people as a normal community player but after some time, more staff power needed to help them. So, I wanted to become a staff member to help to new people even more than I could. Also, in nights at the late time more staff members are needed to aid people in-game.
    Unique qualities you can offer: Well, my unique quality is my communication skill with people. I mean, I can easily become friend with people and encourage them to do something. Moreover, I always approach as a friend to them that they can always trust and count on, so they always listen to my advices and ask me before do something. Besides that, I’m a good team leader as well. I can organise people and keep everything in order easily because I always spend my time in group projects etc. Also, I am studying computer science basically it’s about coding, so I would like to learn coding in MTA and help the developer team in future projects. Furthermore, leading a squad means you need to deal with everything that involves your squad, for example, dealing with reports or events happened within the squad or external cases, so I can spare form my own time to deal with the reports and general issue that are happening in SAES.
    Server Memberships: National Narcotics Bureau (Vice Leader & 2nd Founder), Desert Eagles (Airborne) Pro cops (member), Cuban Cars(Impounder), Military Civilian Components (Lieutenant), San Andreas Interceptors (Trooper)
    Additional information: My name is Alper Reis, I am 20 years old, I was born in Turkey/Istanbul then I moved to Cyprus. Currently, I am living in Essex, United Kingdom. I am doing my major on Computer Science at University of Essex, I am in second year. I am interested in coding and sort of things that I can do on my computer. I like to drink and hang out with my friends in my free time. I used to play basketball but I quit playing after an accident happened in a match. I am big fan of Game of Thrones and other type of series.
    Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have never been punished.
    Previous (legitimate) bans: I have been banned by Magnus because I helped a ban avoider by inviting him to National Narcotics Bureau.
    Are you a muslim?: Actually, I am a Attack Helicopter.

  • Extremely good essay Application.

    Unfortunately you have not been selected to join the CS Team this time around. Hopefully this doesn't discourage you too much.

    Best of luck next time around!

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