Hello to all the members of SAES community in behalf of your favourite informative media, Kool Times News. Due to the retirement of our leader alongside the majority of our members dealing business that needed to be solved, we as your favourite media dissapeared from the picture for a while. However, now with a new spirit and the desire to document everything that is happening in San Andreas, we're announcing we're officially back to the business.

You'll be reading once again the reportages made by our talented reporters and columnists team. If you wish to get a closer encounter with our hard working team, you can always have a talk with us in our Discord Channel. Also, we'd like to remind you all our recruitment is open, this is for all these eager columnists, photographers or reporters waiting for the perfect time to shine! It is here, and you can help us in growing these seeds we're planting today.

For last but not least, remember that our KTN team is always happy to help you all with any request you might have, be it documenting an event - roleplay, giving our services as photographers, and helping you with any idea you might have for a column in our newspaper. Being all said, our beloved team wish you a happy week and happy holidays.

Thanks for reading,
On behalf of Kool Times News,
KTN Chief HQ & CFO Licano.