UNSOLVED Improvements to gun/drugs running scripts

  • Shameless plug from an older idea

    When a player spawns Arms/Drugs Dealer ( Including Officials gangs with the ability to use /sell) and gets in a vehicle a marker will appear in the city he is in. This marker once reached will grant you a wanted level in addition to a small money reward for around <2k. When a marker is reached a new one appears and so the story restarts.

    Since House robberies / Store robberies came along this became a forgotten mechanic of the game and is hardly used in a persons daily gameplay.

    To improve these 'delivery' runs I suggest creating a new way of how these deliveries are handled.

    In large lines it will go as follow:

    Player loads up his vehicle with cargo at a warehouse. (For example, a player can load up his van with 4 crates which allows him to have four deliveries without returning to a warehouse)
    Player receives X amount of delivery locations he can visit to delivery its cargo. (Same City is preferred)
    Once a player reaches one of these locations he receives his pay. (Depending on how valuable the cargo, His delivery level, etc.)
    Repeat until all cargo is delivered.
    Return to the warehouse and restart the process.
    Some nice additions to have are:

    • Delivery levels (Same as trucking, The higher your level the more money you can make)
    • Larger vehicles can carry more cargo.
    • Gang specific warehouses.
    • Larger payout depending on % of turfs owned in the area
    • Cops can confiscate a vehicle and drive it to a police impound to receive a payout.
    • Depending on the cargo players should receive a minimal wanted level. (This is different then giving out X amount of wanted levels every time someone starts a cargo.)

    Warehouses should be placed at reasonable places. Ammu nations can be used for the gun running and crack houses could be used for drug runnig.


    • Players shouldn't do these deliveries with fast cars. Instead make it attractive to use Trucks and Vans. But do not limit them to only use certain vehicles.
    • Players should wait X amount of seconds in the marker to deliver the cargo. And not speed through it like its a race track. This should also not be to long (~2-3 seconds standing still.)

    The idea sketched above would only work for goods. But we can take the general idea and turn it around for robbers. Which will first head to X amount of markers, Fill up there vehicle and then deliver it to a warehouse to receive a payout.

  • Seems to be a great idea mister. (Finally)
    I support this one.

  • Hahahaha @Ikzelf u killed me plenty of useless ideas then finally i see something 😂😂

  • This is a great suggestion. I sometimes just run arms with the current script we have on. However having it change a bit and with an upcomming update? :OOO it will be much easier to implement the system you asked for.

  • Sometimes, when I'm bored and don't feel like bothering anyone, I just do the "house" / "arms dealer markers" / "what you wanna call it" runs.

    But yha, something new could be funny. Bring it on.

  • Yep this seems interesting and decent also hella fun. +1 from me

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