Lower spraycan price

  • Currently spraycan is 14$ while M4 is 13$.

    On request of Bazuka

  • Correction: The spraycan is actually a mind-blowing 15$.
    I actually find this suggestion rather interesting, because in my opinion this is a game breaking issue that hasn't been solved through the years on this server, and it's honestly dissapointing. I am a large-scale spraycan user. I can not go out and patrol without having my spraycan with me, it is like my second right hand. Most of the money I make is spent on spraycan ammo, and I can promise you, it is several millions every week - so I am in a constant struggle of making money and trying to stay effective as a police officer.

    Most of the time when chasing down a criminal I completely refrain from using my taser at all. What most police officers don't get is that the spraycan is actually better than the taser due to its crow control effect on the suspect, and then afterwards the rather complex combination of the nightstick left-mouse click attack after it. It requires a high amount IQ to perform this combo, but only few has mastered it. I am proud to say that I am a spraycan using officer.
    I usually jump out of a helicopter parachuting down and getting just the right distance away and behind a criminal, perfect distance is ( 4.82 meters ) while my pilot lands on a roof-top, shoots the criminal with a sniper rifle once - disabling him for a split second, here I come in and spray-can him for exactly ( 1.25 seconds ) nothing more, nothing less, then I prepare my nightstick attack.

    It is quite problematic with the high prices due to the high usage it has. Let's do some math.
    It uses 50 ammo every second, which translates into ( 50 x 15 ) 750$ EVERY SINGLE SECOND
    Now if this is not enough red flags and alarming enough let's see how it effects a spraycan using officer like myself. As I mentioned earlier I spent ( 1.25 seconds ) each arrest.
    Which is ( 750 x 0.25 = 187.5 ) Now ( 750 + 187.5 = 937.5$ every single arrest )
    It costs me 937.5$ to do an arrest. Round that up and say 1.000$
    Imagine after 50 arrests, which usually happens after a long patrol - that's already ( 50.000$ ) just for spraycan ammo.

    If the average arrest is about 10.000$, I lose 10% of the value from an arrest due to spraycan ammo usage.
    This is unacceptable. Thank you for making the server aware of this, it needs to happen.

  • Fantastic

  • I would increase the cost of the ammo instead, seeing as the economy is fucked and everyone has millions anyways

  • Can you add a spraycan and m4 pickup in jail. For wardens. Crims sell to each other and it's not likely that a criminal will walk up to a cop in jail and sell them guns.

  • @Brophy said in Lower spraycan price:

    I would increase the cost of the ammo instead, seeing as the economy is fucked and everyone has millions anyways

    I have 100k in account