Vice City Map Development
By CodyJL, in Blogs

  • Got nothin really to fix at the moment; however maybe I'll put screen shots and crap for future patches here dunno yet.

  • After logging some data about the map loading and sorting out a few issues map loading time has been dropped to around 60% of the original time. Apologies for it being a while still (2.7 minutes) but I'm working with an ancient file system that MTA runs so it's sorta hard to get it to load any quicker.

    Brief description of what I've done is add a loading order. Originally it tried to force the DFFs / TXDs/ COLs to all load up and replace at the same time; what I've done now is made it so all of the COLs / TXDs/ DFFs are loaded up into memory then as elements stream in they are replaced.

    As soon as I get the time / motivation to do it I'll be completely restructuring the system to make it so everything isn't all loaded up into memory at the same time which will hopefully decrease loading times a lot and potentially make it load in sub 1 minute.

    alt text
    See above for what my future plans are to do to the streamer.

  • Brilliant, thanks for your continued work!