Stolen Base from Admin

  • As the Topic name says one from the Staff members (VCES>Siddman) stole my Base and sold it to another guy I don't think it's fair to steal houses from normal players and sell them to others there is another way to get money.

    I'm talking about this Base:

    Btw I don't have Pic that shows the Base was mine but we can ask Admin Royal he gave it to me for my ex gang Vehicle Maniacs.

  • nothing was stolen... this garage was firstly owned by ALT Royal, then he gave it to me for VM base since i was leader.... after VM died ALL propertys were added to members, this garage was added to you I DUNNO how since it was mine at the first place... base in SF which bone gave us was later added to skullion or also to you i dunno so yea thats it... nothing was/is stolen... i just took it back and this was months ago... thats it i wont discuss anymore

  • @siddman

    You tryed to steal my 25k apartment in LV, you were sniffing around there for days and then suddenly it was on your account.

  • @siddman

    I got it from Royal and it was mine, Bone gave me that in SF for VM and all of those Props were mine and idk how did u take it from me

  • @Royal can you hop in the discussion ?

  • What chasin? Yea sf was yours but this garage wasnt so yea lets wait for royal... i also think that tilong was also there when he gave it to me

  • @ChasinTLSN everything is logged on internet what you do with saha panel so feel free to check it

  • Haha, just picking on you mate.

  • @siddman

    btw I was the real Leader (lvl 5) it was my idea and the members but that's not the theme we are talking about my props.

    I asked Royal and he gave it to me

  • @MarksMan just stop it... this garage was never yours.. after VM died you and skulion took everything.. also gang money skulion took it or you.. pitty told me.. so you can say whatever you want but you wont get this garage back cuz it was never yours.. and if someone will put it to your name, you can be sure that you will lose it the same time, and not by me.. now im out of this discussion cuz it will never end..

    you can talk with him from now on i wont, i said everything

  • You can't just steal Properties from normal guys, I don't care if you are admin or SAES HQ rules are rules and they are for everyone same. So that was my Garage and you took it from me. I asked that time Royal and he gave it to me and yes if they let it be yours then it's unfair but if they say that's my Garage then you can't take it from me not you whoever you want to do it

  • SAHA feel free to give Marksman the property back professionality level is very high 🙂
    problem solved.