Dircord Ingame !

  • Hm i thought about this for like 3 days and i think devs are able to do it
    So my suggestion is adding a chatbox ingame linked to saes discord general chat
    Or maybe each gang have chatbox that have realtion between ingame and discord discussions so if 1 person is ingame and he dont have time to go on discord and appeal his mates for help (exemple BR or Turf)
    He just writes /discord need help in BR
    And this will appear to the discord users

  • I understand the fact many people are lazy to access basic stuff like this one. However, you have access to discord while in-game by using hotkeys it was something like shift+' I don't remember it but you get the idea right? So this is an unnecessary suggestion in my opinion.

  • People can already view the global server chat on discord by viewing the #server-echo channel