New forums theme

  • Do you like the new theme? I do.

  • Would be better If It's not only blue and white, black would be good too, also the notifications, I can't see which notifications that I see and the others that I still have to see, would be better if they make the unread ones lighter or something, otherwise I like it.

    EDIT: @Brophy maybe you could do that?

  • dick

  • @Spectre1 said in New forums theme:


    ICE ICE baby.

  • In my opinion:The question is not whether you like it or not. The previous version, visually was straight. Previously, a new player could more easily find information on the forum in this great world of SAES.
    The current forum reminds me of some cheap internet search engine. ; / - Previously we had iknoy - now we have colorful stripes next to themes. It's nice that the Adminsitration has done something. However, the primary server requires '' first aid '' to fix bugs.
    It seems to me that most people are delighted with something 'new', not necessarily the artistic potential of this site ... '' Any idiot can paint a bar '' But a nice and simple icon is a more difficult part of the task ''. We have just removed the icons and we have stripes ...?