Lil Gang <3
By RIZERIII, in Gangs

  • This gang is a gang of great rappers. Rapper gangsters. These people rob everything that they meet. They hate policemen and politics.

    Gang Tag: Lil_Name (Lil.Name)
    Gang Panel: Lil
    Gang Cash: 2.000.000
    Gang LVL:0
    Color Gang:
    Gang Created: 31/05/18
    Total members:2
    LVL 5

    LVL 4

    LVL 3

    LVL 2

    LVL 1

    1)Team kill (TK) resolved for good reason
    2)Ask for money, help is not allowed for eour own benefit
    3)Insults without a valid reason are prohibited
    4)Spam and flooding is prohibited
    5)Advertising of servers and other is forbidden
    6)Do not disturb players
    7)It is fobidden to speak other langueges except Russian and English

    1)Play to police
    2)Arrest the clan players
    3)Obscene language is allowed

    You must have:

    Prescribe before the person Lil. For example: Lil_Peep, Lil_Yachi
    Do you already have any friends in Lil Gang?:
    Did anyone say that you should apply to join us?:
    What unique qualities can you offer to Lil Gang?
    Additional information about yourself:

    Past experience in SAES:RPG.
    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG? (Please mention any inactivity absenses & forum time too):
    What previous gangs/squads/companies you have been in?(Please provide these in order, with time spent in each if possible):
    Why have you left the above?:
    What server groups are you currently a part of?:
    Previous server bans and reasons (include links):

  • Good luck!

  • Ty

  • If you stop to dming to the players in hospital, it can be better.

  • gl LiL

  • When you stop DMing cops who's not trying to arrest anyone ...

  • gucci geng prrr

  • Good luck !! Press F1 and read all rules !! 🙂

  • Good luck !!

  • good luck [rizer] very ggoood

  • Good Luck!