A sad letter from Mr Payne
By IG8820, in Emotions

  • Hello guys,

    I guess I don't really know how start this. I'm sat right now at my desk; just 'reflecting' I guess. I hope I'm someone who's made a difference on SAES (whether for better or worse). But anyway, as the cliché goes, I guess this is either where my story ends or takes a break from being written.

    For those who may perhaps know me a little more personally, you'd understand that this year has been incredibly rough with the likes of my crumbling love life and family life. I've gone from fits of depressions to just a general numbness to the world around me. And to be honest, SAES has really helped in some of those times with such a bright community. I know I can be a cunt a lot of the time, but I genuinely appreciate everyone I've met during my journey.

    As of recently, I've began falling back into my kind of depressive state and as a result I'm generally balancing my life on a thin line. I hope those who are around me, will understand that it is best I take a break from any sort of long-term gaming/ commitments to SAES. This is not just due to the fact that I'm quite apathetic and unmotivated, it's also to ensure that I don't clog up certain groups and the FBI with my poor activity and inability to work. I know that perhaps a HQ from one of the groups I'm in is sharpening their sword and got their finger ready on the kick button; but I'd like to think that my situation will be understood. This isn't necessarily goodbye forever. I may be back in a few weeks or a few months seeing how my life unfolds.

    As of now, I will remain as the FBI Director for a purely administrative role until our new HQ is comfortable and when I see someone who will continue the FBI in my stead. As for my other groups/ HQ roles within those groups, I'd like to talk to you guys on a individual basis to see what you'd like to do. I understand, especially for DE, it can be quite infuriating to have appointed someone to such a prestigious role only for them to ask to take a step back.

    If you've gotten this far, well done.

    With sincere thanks,
    Payne (IG8820)

  • I know that you're a little cunt but still you're my friend, it's sad to see you're leaving me alone in SAES because I like to annoy you. Still, I hope you can pull your life together and come back. Also, stop trying to hit on gays, try girls.

  • Well your not my favorite person, But its just sad to see anyone is pain or being sad. Well hopefully you don't leave SAES like come visit everyone once in a while. And i hope everything goes good in your life, It really gets sometimes real hard in real life, Well all the best for everything you got in coming and good luck!

  • Cya my old boss and best wishes for future success

  • Wish you all the best in your life, stay strong and take care.

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  • “Press F to pay respect”
    Well, I do hope that you come back soon because some of the best moments from my SAES career are connected with you such as patrolling around as DoJ and making some filthy shit.
    I’ll miss that agent who fucks around and annoys everyone

  • Dont know you but hope things change for the better.
    I hope you will get better and come back, wishing you the best.

  • Stay strong fella, i knew u for quite a while now and i can't deny the fact that you are a quality guy to spend time with ! Best of luck in the future bud.
    This meme will never get old tho ! ☺

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  • It is a shocking news for many people that a man of honour leaving but life need some changes and different paths, So i wish best of luck mate & you were a great man to me with some dignity. Will miss ya bud and try to come back so you can shock us again. 😁

  • @Brophy he deserves to be added to the honor group

  • Come back soon i will miss you gl at your life i hope you will handle it

  • Wish you all the best agent.payne, i had spent with you good days in FBI. You're cunt sometime's, but the fact that u're good guy. Take care sir, best wish's for you in the future.

  • There's only one way to go after you're in the bottom, and it is up there. Keep fighting and don't give up, good things come after a rough time, and after you learn from all the things you might be experiencing. Stay strong, and take care mate, hope to see you again.