Personal Info

  • Re: ICE|Immigration & Customs Enforcement

    Personal Info

    Account name:mardy
    English skills (1-10):10
    Do you use Teamspeak:no
    Tell us about yourself:my name is Malhar, imma chill person. Really want to join ICE
    In-Game Experience: for 1 year I have been knifing in freeroam servers, saes was introduced about 2 months ago and i am totally into it.

    How long you play SAES/RPG: 5 months
    How long you play MTA: 1.5 years
    How long you play every day: about 2 hrs
    How much in-game hours do you have: 26
    Add a picture of your "stats" by using (press /stats ingame)(use spoilers: [ Spoiler][ /spoiler]

    Do you have Procop Diploma:no
    If you had before, how did you lose it?: -
    Previous Gang/Squad/Company:non
    Why did you leave: -
    Have ever been banned before:nope
    Reason for ban: -

    Misc Information

    Your strengths: m4 , sniper , combat shotgun
    Your Weaknesses: uzi , sawnoff shotgun
    Why did you decide to join our squad: Your squad interested me
    Explain why we should accept you: As i really want to join the squad, I won't do anything that could let anyone down.
    Who Recommended you applying for ICE: One of your memebers by the name of I think 'ICE|DARK' or something

    Rules Knowledge

    Did you read the F1 rules: Yes
    Did you read the Squad rules: Yes
    Are you allowed to arrest/kill in Hospital: No
    Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events: No
    Is marker arrest allowed: No
    Explain what is marker arrest (In 50 Words): Arresting someone that has teleported to the marker from some other area
    Explain what is Death-matching (In 50 Words): Killing people without any reason right after seeing them ( It's not allowed)
    Explain ICE Rule 2 (In 50 Words): Criminals under 10 stars are not be arrested. Reason - not any serious crime.
    Explain ICE Rule 7 (In 50 Words): Do not marker arrest/Kill, take revenge by DM or park killing/arrest.
    If you do it by mistake or intentionally you gotta apologize for it to the player.
    Explain ICE Rule 10 (In 50 Words): Respect all the players/admins on the server and avoid insulting.