• Hello,
    I was saw this think on SAES' 2014 gameplay video from someones channel.
    And also; the snow lets people feel much happy and better in christmas' winters.

    So, I'd just like to prefer you this simple suggestion about making the map back only for winter mounths irl.
    Couple screenshots googled in spoiler;


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


    @Blade @Brophy

  • SAES has a snow shader but it's far from as advanced as what's shown in the images you provided. those has custom textures and scripting for the snow layer (might not be shown in your screens but I know it's used somewhere)

    getting a snow texture pack for entire server would add around 600mb of download and further to that, a lot of time preparing it (which isn't ideal when there's only 20 days remaining)

  • @Tut-Greco
    600mb is not a big update i guess, i ll open a vote section.
    By the way, I know about its a different from saes' also it has a blur ond roads and somemore texture edits other than saes.

  • 600mb is a huge download for the vast majority of players so it would need download management to work out properly.

    @PUNCH said in Winter Map:

    By the way, I know about its a different from saes' also it has a blur ond roads and somemore texture edits other than saes.

    can you show me screens in pm or here, whereever you see fit

  • Well, 600 mb is not that much, the issue is, considering that there are players on the server which have to play with 400 ping on the usual, I'd assume they'd be downloading that for more then an hour. (I am obviously exaggerating for the sake of illustration).

    About the shader itself, do we really need it that much? I do recall playing more then once on the server during winter's update for Christmas and it wasn't too bad. Not GTA 5, but playable, so... Do we really want to download 600 mb in order to see the snow a bit?

  • Well, it's a good idea but Faggio shoud be like tis one.

  • afaik snow shader produces a frost look but not actual snow - which is possible with shading as with reflection shader, notice how it has grunge.

    600mb can be optimised to say 100-300mb by using global txds for generic roads and grass especially. but optimising it that way won't look good without proper scripting

  • You will see the winter stuff shown on the video during December

  • This would be so awesome, would bring the Winter Vibe n' shit.

  • Do you tunis people even know what snow is

  • @Human_

  • Well, Saes already has a winter shader currently, and that winter map is not just a shader, it includes new textures with less or high distances. Basically it will change currently gameplay as I think. And as a map with many textures will be huge for sure, the server gets more lag than currently map.