Usage of this forum

  1. Take a screenshot in game of the property, the property panel and include somewhere in the screenshot the /seen date of the user to prove inactivity.

  2. Post those screenshots in a topic located on this forum. Within the topic include all 3 screenshots and include the owners account name in writing on the topic. This allows us to use the search function to find where the properties went at a later date.

  3. Contact a SAHA agent in game via /checksaha after posting the inactive request.

Rules & Regulations

  • You may only request 2 inactive properties per calendar week. This resets on Mondays at midnight, e.g. you can request two properties on Sunday and another two on Monday, then you must wait a week (until Monday) before you can request another.

  • Inactive requests must be made on the forums. We've had issues in the past where people have been kicked from the clan and housing for putting up properties for sale in game on users who were not inactive. It's crucial to keep this aspect on forums so we know properties are not being taken unfairly. SAHA agents are not permitted to handle inactive requests in game. If they find a shitty inactive property they are more than welcome to put it up for sale themselves but NOT if another player has asked them to do so.

  • We work now on a first come first served basis. An owner is officially inactive if he has not logged in one month. We work this based on the same day the following month. If someone goes inactive on July 2nd his properties may be requested on August 2nd at 00:00 and not a minute before. Any false requests will be removed.

  • Requests must be sorted within 48 hours of them being made. Any SAES member or SAHA member can sort these requests for you. If you fail to get the request sorted within 48 hours of you posting it, it will be removed and the property will be put up for general sale.

  • If you request a property and you are unable to buy the property when the SAHA agent goes to sort it to you for any reason, you are no longer entitled to the property. This includes not having the money for the property and more importantly having too many houses. The property will be left in a "for sale" state and is no longer a SAHA issue.

  • One request per topic. If you wish to request more than one property, you must create separate topics. The exception to this rule is if you are posting properties for public sale (i.e. not claiming them for yourself), in which case you are politely asked to group them together in a single topic as to avoid the forum being flooded with requests.

  • Properties owned by inactive SAES members cannot be requested. If approved by SAES HQ, properties owned by inactive members will be put up for auction at random intervals. You can find a list of SAES members here.

  • Properties of inactive users which are already on sale may be requested, in which case the market value will be made that of the properties' max price value.

  • If a requested property does not get claimed within 48 hours then it will be set on public sale.