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    Welcome to the Official SAES:RPG Forum's Topic of S.W.A.T.

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    Squad Level: 5
    Bank Balance: ~800,000,000$
    Base Location: Blackfield Chapel, NorthEast of Las Venturas.
    Current Member Count: 71

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    ▶ S.W.A.T. is an organization composed with the most elite cops on SAES:RPG community.

    👮 But what does the S.W.A.T. acronym mean?

    Special - We specialise in dangerous and violent atmospheres like hostage situations, bank robs, bomb threats, etc. Situations like these are not to be handled by normal patrol officers, instead, specialised teams with very specific skills will take over;

    Weapons - We use a variety of weapons, ranging from lethal and non-lethal weapons, including: M4 Assault Rifles, MP5 Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns equipped with rubber bullets to slow down fleeing suspects, Tazer and Flash Bangs;

    And Tactics - SWAT uses a variety of tactics that are unique to the squad itself, you will not find these tactics being used in other organizations as they do not have the skill to pull them off. We use tactics to make sure that we arrest someone as quickly and efficiently as we can with the least civilian casualties possible, as well as minimal damage to our own assets;

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    ⚠ To be updated.

    They tried to find nice, friendly and especially skilled recruits. The squad has long history of cooperation with the Desert Eagles, the millitary units stationed in San Andreads, as well. Sometimes we carry out roleplays and defend transports or guard VIPs. One of our top priorities however, is catching highly wanted and dangerous suspects as well as dissolving bank robberies. In June 2010 we got a new liason called Tuna.

    He's a part of the SAES HQ and one of the main scripters. His mission is to help us in important questions about the squad and appraises what we're doing. All of us are normal players who like to play in a team. Because as a team we can operate harder and straighter! One of our members founded the SAPO, the San Andreas Pilot Organisation. His name was Nikolai. He had to leave the squad to build up the SAPO, since you can only be in one squad/gang.

    At our training days we improve our skills and try to work like the real S.W.A.T. guys.

    Having fun is very important for us, because after all it is a game not real life. But we will operate professionally and bring more peace for all players of the server. After Tuna had left SAES, Martijn became our new liason. He's a really nice person and a good friend for us! We look positive in the future with him! After a big disappointment of Volk, he had to retire his job as co-leader of the squad! Husky got the job of the co-leader! After endless fun with the members of the CLO and DE, Husky retired his job as well and gone back to reallife. The squad elected D-MON as their new co-leader. In May 2011 the normal spawn for the SWAT Units got removed and we were replaced instead of it, which made out of us the real elite of San Andreas. Furthermore, we formed alliances different squads, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations and MI-6, as well as the San Andreas Police Acedemy. Our goal is it now to take over more control of all police departments to make out of this server a better place for all players.

    After D-MON retired to join SAES and become SWAT liason, Bambook became vice leader, but soon after he became inactive and a change to the HQ team was needed! But before this, it was found that all SAES members could join any gang as a normal member. Naturally many SAES members joined SWAT after having previously left to join SAES. This boosted our members count by a lot and we strived and served for the community.

    With the introduction of Biker Boyz and Global Trust, Ghost722nd left to lead Global Trust and a lot of SAES members left SWAT to join zZenoms project. Because of the loss of our leadership and founder, a new leader was elected, Killer89 / Magnus, and a new vice leader, Galaxy. With the new leadership in place, a new HQ team was chosen, with promotions given to Nathan and Mega9 to join the HQ.

    S.W.A.T. was given the level 6 before all these new levels were added, so we was were* given the long awaited armour, health pickup, tear gas and faster SWAT tanks. As well as more vehicles and tear gas immunity, we became truely unique.

    We also closed recruitment to applications at this time. But now that the new gang levels are out, our armour was removed and the introduction of shaders, allowing multiple organisations to use the same skin with different appearances, and other changes we are now a normal squad like everyone else. However, we are a squad with a lot of skilled police officers and a great history.

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    The following rules should be respected by every single member of this squad. Everyone, no matter what rank they are, is expected to follow them at all times:

    • Follow all the in game server rules (F1);
    • Be active within the game, youre expected to be on for around 4-5 hours a week, if you're planning to be inactive for some time, please contact the HQ. Anyone failing to do will possibly find himself kicked from the squad;
    • Be a fair and honorable human within the game, a bit of trolling is ok, but don't be a total dick.
    • Follow all orders from high rank members and HQ, if you fail to do so you will be punished;
    • When we do RPs and trainings, try and act like a real SWAT team and don't forget to show it in your play style;
    • Remember: You are a cop and not a criminal, so always try to arrest them before you kill them.
    • If you receive 3 warning levels within S.W.A.T. at a time you will be kicked.
    • Always wear the [SWAT] or [SWAT*] (if you're on probation) tags at all times, no matter what spawn you're in (except on special occasions).
    • Don't arrest players under 10 stars. If you do you will be given a warning level.
      Teamwork is key. Group up and work together as much as possible.
    • Don't AFK in base. If you need to leave your keyboard for a couple of minutes, take yourself inside the building or somewhere else. Remember that S.W.A.T. Headquarters are not a clothing shop, mannequins are not allowed in our parking lot.

    👮 Spawning with Stars 👮

    • 1-3 Stars: You can continue patrolling, however, it would be better for you to get a bribe, to avoid getting arrested by some newbie police officer;
    • 3-10 Stars: Ask a S.W.A.T. member, or any other police officer, to offer a bribe so that you can continue your work. You are not allowed to go on patrol with this amount of stars;
    • 11-36 Stars: You need to spawn as another class. Do not spawn as SWAT, either find someone to bribe you or spend time in jail.

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    Commander (HQ)

    • [SWAT]DROT (milicajac)

    Vice Commander (HQ)

    • [SWAT]Element (denis10)

    General (HQ)

    • [SWAT]Magnus (killer89)
    • [SWAT]Geri (falco)

    Colonel (HQ)

    • [SWAT]Dom (xxenesxx12)
    • [SWAT]Kasparov (kasparov)


    • [SWAT]Silence (alpax)
    • [SWAT]Crash (masterkillier)
    • [SWAT]Sou (thedamnboss)


    • [SWAT]Dudi (specialist12)
    • [SWAT]Niceez (nice3549)
    • [SWAT]Patrol (patrol74)
    • [SWAT]Flusha (ogulcan01)
    • [SWAT]Zer0. (morters)
    • [SWAT]Anas (CyberGhost)


    • [SWAT]Revonex (dudegamer)
    • [SWAT]SKY-911- (sawadogo1)
    • [SWAT]Amara (adem)
    • [SWAT]iTsMe (guyfusfus)
    • [SWAT]Benny (bendrin12)
    • [SWAT]Lightning (lightning12)
    • [SWAT]Estinoge (EstiST)


    • [SWAT]FlaMe (flameeagle)
    • [SWAT]PsyGhost (thepsyghost)
    • [SWAT]Kendo (bigboss2708)
    • [SWAT]Heaton (emerge)
    • [SWAT]Toreno (monstercookie12)
    • [SWAT]Warfs_ (warfs10)
    • [SWAT]Zaphod (isusic)
    • [SWAT]Rozloo (rozloo)
    • [SWAT]Sam (uhhbourne)
    • [SWAT]Paint (southerner)


    • [SWAT]Apache (apache)
    • [SWAT]Bart (bardo45)
    • [SWAT]Fattie (stoprunningimfat)
    • [SWAT]Apollo (jono)
    • [SWAT]Bas (bas260)
    • [SWAT]DJO (jaas3r)
    • [SWAT]JI6 (febra)
    • [SWAT]JohnPrice (ezel1996)
    • [SWAT]Asaf (asafkatz123)
    • [SWAT]SkulioN (olo1)
    • [SWAT]Royalty (royalty)
    • [SWAT]vektor (vektor)
    • [SWAT]Scoob (Sco0b)
    • [SWAT]Ntruder (muric123)
    • [SWAT]MarksMan (frickovviktor)
    • [SWAT]MrPhrost (alper35)
    • [SWAT]NH4 (nh4)
    • [SWAT]Dango (dango420)


    • [SWAT*]iStar (starwarsfan02)
    • [SWAT*]Leblanc (vempkiller)
    • [SWAT*]WolkodaV (50centforever1)
    • [SWAT*]G-Force (roaann)
    • [SWAT*]Bangas (jmyx)
    • [SWAT*]Diamond (babdiamond)
    • [SWAT*]Akyz (xicesmashx)

    Honorary Members

    • [SWAT]Magnus (killer89) ~ Commander
    • [SWAT]Hesha (hi5ha) ~ Commander
    • [SWAT]Ghost722nd ~ Commander
    • [SWAT]Teddy (officerraven) ~ Vice Commander
    • [SWAT]D-MON ~ Vice Commander
    • [SWAT]Bambook (bambook) ~ Vice Commander
    • [SWAT]Fyrr (fyrr73) ~ General
    • [SWAT]KaKush (thepilot) ~ General
    • [SWAT]RedEye (redeye) ~ General
    • [SWAT]BMaster (baffousam) ~ General
    • [SWAT]Nathan (nathan) ~ General
    • [SWAT]SeBa (seb123) ~ Colonel
    • [SWAT]Amit (armour) ~ Colonel
    • [SWAT]DevilJ (stickkillers) ~ Major
    • [SWAT]Ezio (ezio0826) ~ Major
    • [SWAT]Apo (apocalipto) ~ Major
    • [SWAT]Mayer (mahmut119) ~ Lieutenant

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    👮 How do i become a S.W.A.T. member?

    ▶ If you’re interested in joining our big family, you must write an application, after that, it will be reviewed by the HQ board and eventually you'll receive one of four possible responses:

    • Denied
    • Pending
    • Accepted
    • SAT Accepted

    alt text

    🔎 The S.W.A.T. Academy Program - FAQ

    👮 What does "SAT Accepted" mean?

    ▶ The SAT Accepted response is given when we believe that the applicant is not quite ready to be a full member of S.W.A.T., but has the necessary skills to join the S.W.A.T. Academy Program.

    👮 What is the S.W.A.T. Academy Program?

    ▶ The S.W.A.T. Academy Program purpose its based on adaptation and training the very best young talents of SAES:RPG community interested in joining our squad, its members are called SAT (S.W.A.T. Academy Trainees) and they can be seen as interns - players with less than 100 hours of gameplay might be given a chance too. The main ideia behind this program is to focus on what these new players can do, rather than who they are in the community. Virtually eliminating favouritism, it's far more oriented towards guiding and building loyal and skilled police members.

    👮 How will it work exactly?

    ▶ Well, it's a faily simple system, see it as Tutorial of every activity we usually take part in S.W.A.T. During a specific period of time, we will monitor your progress to see how you perform under certain situations, and whether you are close enough to our standards. Not only that, but you will also be tested in 3 different categories - Driving, Shooting and Combat. Based on this tests, you will be evaluated, following a very precise protocol that has been studied and tested by ourselves. The result of this whole process will, eventually, determine if you have, or don't, the S.W.A.T. DNA.

    👮 What happens if i sucessfully pass the S.W.A.T. Academy Program?

    ▶ If you sucessfully complete every single test and we decide that you truly have the S.W.A.T. DNA, you'll be joining our family as a Recruit, which means that you'll be facing a Probationary period for 1 month.

    ⚠ Important Notes:

    • As a SAT, you should behave and respect the server rules, failing to do so will, obviously, lead to consequences;

    • Once you finally reach the probationary status, you must keep in mind that leaving this program without fully completing it will result in a permanent ban from this origanization. It may seem a bit harsh, but remember that this organization has welcomed you with open arms and as been always willing to help you improve as a player and as a police officer. As the most respected and oldest squads in this community, theres a certain standard and image to maintain and we do not tolerate this kind of disrespect.

      Spitting on the hand that fed you doesn't look good here, or anywhere else.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    ▶ You can find the Application Format in the Spoiler icon below. Remember that failing to meet the requirements will instantly get you denied, so make sure you invest some time and effort in this task.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    📬 If you need to contact us in a more direct way, feel free to join our Discord Channel!

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  • hi, i readed all the informations and i want to join swat forces because i am a new fan of this server but i like it verry much is a nice server and its my favorite. thank u ! 😃

  • @zealdozer said in S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons and Tactic:

    hi, i readed all the informations and i want to join swat forces because i am a new fan of this server but i like it verry much is a nice server and its my favorite. thank u ! 😃

    Hello! Please join our Discord server for more information. You can find the invite link the topic. 😄

  • THANK U!


  • @hassan-mohamed said in S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons and Tactic:


    Please do this first


  • Recruitment Status:

    alt text

  • Deleted Post

  • @punchline said in S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons and Tactic:

    Name: Michael Jordan
    Gender: Sex
    Country Flag: I'm tunisia
    England Level: 7
    Why u want to join SWAT: Cus im complately suitabl3 for it
    Why Should we accept u: cus im ready to be swat hq and aldı hesha's dog better than him

    Accepted, Meet a HQ ingame so he can add you in Hesha's dog role

  • Del.

  • Me SWAT plz
    @Hesha ❤

  • I already have a dog and he is beautiful.
    alt text

    Thanks for the offer tho, denied.

  • Deleted Post

  • @hesha said in S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons and Tactic:

    I already have a dog and he is beautiful.
    alt text

    Thanks for the offer tho, denied.

    Es7aa ll kelab el baladi 😂😂😂

  • alt text
    Recruitment Status: CLOSED

    In the following weeks we will be dealing with hierarchy adjustments as well as changes to existing recruitment system. For the time being, both SWAT and SAT recruitment programmes will stop their standard drafting procedures.

    alt text

  • alt text
    Recruitment Status: OPEN

    Following changes were made to recruitment system:

    • Reintroduction of applications, this includes possibility of either SAT or direct SWAT invitation.

    • SAT membership reduced from 4 to 2 weeks with amount of tests decreased.

    alt text
    alt text
    If you want to join S.W.A.T., you will have to fill out the following application format. Failing to meet the requirements will instantly get you denied so put some thought into it.

  • I. Personal Info

    In-game Name: Amara

    Username / Account-name: adem

    Age: 17 yo

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Tunisian

    Languages Spoken: English, Arabic and French

    Rate your English skill level (A1-C2; click for reference): We don't have that classification in Tunisian system so i'll say a 7/10

    Average Ping: 70-90

    Average FPS: 40-50

    Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): Hello, My name is Adem Amara im 17 years old i live in Tunisia exactly in Sousse and I'm studying in the high school, also i am a quite experienced player in saes i started playing like 3 years ago and been obeying to rules since then. And i'm quite respectful to people and avoid agressive behaviour.

    II. In-game experience

    When did you join the server: I started playing SAES in 2015

    How much do you play each day: I play a lot

    Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: CripZ - ThC - Outfit and ALT

    Name the reason(s) for leaving: CripZ: I fought with some members there so i left it. ThC: it was a great gang for me and i tried to stay but someone from hq warned me without reason so i left. Outfit: i got kicked (i'll explain the reason ingame) ALT: it is now a group

    Current group memberships: Cunning stunts - Taxi El Centrino - All Load Trucking

    Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): Never!

    Name the reasons why you received these punishments: --

    III. Personal skills and knowledge

    (this question has to be answered in full sentences)

    Your strengths: I am a good arrester and teamworker and i respect people

    Your weaknesses: My weakness is my random ping problems.

    Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.: I want to join it because it's a great and active squad where I know a lot of people and I'll make new friends there, also I wasn't in a squad before so I think it will be a nice experience.

    Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.: I'm an active player who posts a lot of activities and events and I'll work to improve it.

    Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 150 words): So our intel sources informed us of a drug deal happening this evening in some Bone County warehouse so we had to ready up the team and prepare well for the ambush . we had in possession one armored van and a helicopter and in terms of units we had one assault team composed of 5 people with shotguns and M4s and a sniper team composed of two members . so we went ahead and started the units' deployment . we had the sniper team stationed at the roof and the assault team in some nearby garage and we waited for the gangsters to come so we can ambush them . so as soon as they came we send the signal to our sniper teams to scout the area for all the criminals , luckily they weren't really armed only a couple of them had carbines and the others were men in suits so we the sniper took care of the too armed guys and the assault team rushed out and arrested the suited men easily . another operation taken care of.

  • @amara
    We're quite sad to inform you that you are denied. You are not qualified enough to join our squad because you're a 17 years old sad tunisian boi.
    Good luck finding another squad/gang u Sousse
    Don't forget to check out the spoiler

    ~ SWAT HQ team

  • I. Personal Info

    In-game Name: Carter
    Username / Account-name: choosen7
    Age: I’m 20 years old.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Turkey
    Languages Spoken: Turkish and English
    Rate your English skill level (A1-C2; click for reference): My English skill level is B1.
    Average Ping: 60
    Average FPS: 74
    Do you use Teamspeak/IRC: Yeah I've Teamspeak, but I prefer using Discord.
    Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): Hello, My name is Bülent Çiftçi . I’m 20 years old I graduated from high school, currently, I’m looking forward to go to university to ensure my entire life. Beside this, I usually meet with my friends in café and other such places, my hobbies are playing video games and swimming in my free times.

    II. In-game experience

    When did you join the server: I joined SAES: RPG in 2015.
    How much do you play each day: I'm playing around 4-5 hours per day (Sometimes more).
    Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: San Andreas Police Academy (SAPA), The Strike Team(TST), Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI), San Andreas Federal Police(SAFP), Fox Operation X(FOX), National Narcotics Bureau(NNB)
    Name the reason(s) for leaving: I’m bored to FBI because I want to try new thing. I won't give up by the police side at any time.
    NNB: I left from NNB due to decided to create our own squad but we had real-life problems, and we couldn't run it.
    Current group memberships:
    Taxi El Centrino
    San Andreas Fire Department
    Cunning Stunts
    San Andreas Pirates
    San Andreas Medic
    San Andreas Interceptors
    US Marshals(Government)
    Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): N/A
    Name the reasons why you received these punishments: I've never been punished before.

    III. Personal skills and knowledge

    (*= this question has to be answered in full sentences)

    Your strengths: Well my strengths are not too many but I can count some of them; I'm good driver so I could offer my best driver skills at hot-pursuits, I'm also good shooter and I'm able to use taser good enough.I'm able to coordinate with my team mates so I can also offer my best team work efforts to you I guess these are all that I can say.
    Your weaknesses: I don't know is it weakness or strength but I'm a bit ambitious some times I become really angry but it also keeps me motivated to my job so I can focus easily on my tasks but it is still weakness I guess or I don't know we'll see if we have time
    Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.: I want to be a Swat officer in because I wanted to take part in a team at the highest level. Swat team is always a top-level team located in the most demanding tasks.
    so I want to be a part of this team
    Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.: I'm always intrigued by difficult tasks.
    Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 200 words): In the center of the city that is experiencing a hostage situation in a company. The LAPD arrived on the scene, but the number of hostages inside the building pretty much And that's not good enough for this task and their equipment. Because of this, LAPD called to the SWAT team and They are wanted to the help from SWAT Team. A few moments later SWAT team arrived at the scene. SWAT team wanted it cleared of the area. Captain McGregor placed a sniper on the roof and created time for preparation of the Swat Team. Captain McGregor, had to get building plans in order to get inside without any mistake and create a safe route into the building. The SWAT team was prepared and they approached the door to get in. Proceeded to call all over the inside of the building. The location of the hostages was identified and began the operation to save them. meanwhile To check the status of the hostages was founded in connection with the contents of the .and the status of the hostages turned out to be good but the criminals wanted a helicopter. Captain McGregor said that it is not possible. The Leader of Criminals said if the helicopter doesn't arrive in time they will start killing innocent hostiles. The SWAT team approached the door where the hostages are located and threw a flashbang inside. The SWAT team caught the criminals as alive.

  • Dear @Carter

    Thank you for your interest on joining the team, your application is now "under review" and has been moved to our forums where it will be checked and discussed through the next few days. The final result will be posted on this topic in the following week. Feel free to hang around us and join our patrols so we can get to know you better. Wishing you the best of luck.

    alt text
    Please don't post anything related to your result under this topic.

    - SWAT HQ