Making Traffic Cones indestructible

  • Well by reading the topic and comments i agree with @TheK comment so absolutely -1 to this idea
    The sai group checkpoints are absolute rp and making cones indestructible is unrealistic.
    Only thing i can add is to make them respawn faster after their destruction

  • They dont respawn and are destroyed clientside

  • I don't see why them being indestructible would be an issue. You can abuse any other object just as well. So unless anyone comes up with some genius argument against it, you can expect this to be changed in near future.

  • @mega9 hi
    People like to talk about how unrealistic SAES is and all of that. Well, if you crash your car into some traffic cones, I'm pretty sure they won't just stay there as nothing happened.

    Second of all, let me tell you a little secret. Save the building, even after the cones get damage / removed, and load the whole thing again. EZPZzzz

  • SAES was never aiming for realism, if realism is your drift, I recommend looking elsewhere. Stuff doesn't have to be realistic to be implemented into the server. Loading/unloading your maps causes more stress for the server than changing object's breakable property.

  • Being realistic or unrealistic this is just a game for us to enjoy if you want to be realistic turn off your computer and see the world. I agree with mega, those cones don't make anything making them indestructible will be just a waste of time. Thats what I think

  • If you agree with Mega, then you can't think that its just a waste of time. Because we can expect that to can be changed soon as Mega said. So please read again what he wrote.

  • @mega9 I didn't say I wanted things to look like reality. Tbf, I don't give two fucks about this, not like it's going to change my game experience. Was just pointing out that you could reload your building but if that really causes more problems to the server, well it's up to you.

  • I don't really know why it was denied in first place, as most of the SAI checkpoints already have drive through like passages for people who give 0 fucks about roleplay.

    I do think this would be a useful change in the building panel. I'm also replying here as kind of a bump in order to promote this suggestion further.