Ride for Roy -Pictures Uploaded

  • Thanks everyone who attended the ride. Respect!
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    Rest in Peace brother @Faker

    @Felix said in Ride for Roy:

    Hello everyone,

    So, if you dont care about the reasons behind the ride, just scroll down for details. If you have no interest in this ride at all, just close the page. Faker was a friend to all but I understand this is just a game and people come here for fun not to discuss about upsetting issues like these.

    A few years after Rebels MC first generation, an MC named Grim Basterds were created, Roy and his crew joined us and started the GBMC Los Santos Charter, Roy was the president there.

    On August 19, Roy found my instagram profile and contacted me there. He said he missed those days and the good MC roleplay, we chatted a while and I started to think about coming back to SAES.

    On 10.10.18, I wrote Roy on instagram that I was back on SAES, no reply.

    On 13.10.18 I wrote Roy on instagram that Rebels MC was created and we'd like to meet with him ingame.

    I heard that a player named Faker on SAES passed away. Nickname sounded familiar but I knew him as "Roy" so didn't realize it was him. By the time, I was curious that why didnt Roy see any of my messages on instagram and felt dissappointed because I thought he was ignoring me.

    Then I read Faker's topic on the forums, finally realized it was Roy. Not gonna try to describe how it felt.

    We'll make a road trip for him. Everyone who wants to be there is invited no rivalry or wars that day, talked with guys from BBMC about the issue aswell and they will also be there. Would be really cool if G6 or SAES were there to protect it against annoying new players. We will attend with "Grim" tags. No posts will be on Rebels MC's media archive as this is not about it.

    Details of the ride;
    Starts: 19th November 2018, 19:00 server time.
    From: Las Barrancas, the home town of Grim Basterds.
    To: His statue in Los Santos and to GBMC Los Santos charter's club house.
    Bikes: Only freeway or wayfarer as the performance of all bikes should be close to each other to make it work properly.

  • On behalf of S.A. Elite SEALs I gladly announce that we are willing to help out with the ride by establishing a secure perimeter around the riders with our vehicles. Feel free to contact me or any member of the HQ team on discord with detailed information about the route and we will gladly join you. It was a great loss for our squad, and we will do all what we can to pay our respect.

  • In addition of what what is mentionned up ,i want to say on behalf of the Blood Brothers MC that we are glad to help in this ride, Indeed we will be ignoring everything through this and ride like a team just to revive faker's memory who was a good friend to the community.

  • As the director of the FBI, I'll see about gathering a small team of agents to assist with the ride and the SEALS at their task. It seems like a genuinely heartfelt gesture by you guys and you'll be welcome to use the Bureau's assets for it.

    Kindest regards,

  • This is such a heartfelt noble cause, it is easy to forget every single player we talk to, or even argue with has a life of their own. I will try to gather all my friends and be there for extra bikes and protection. Rest in Peace...

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    The San Andreas Interceptors were happy to escort you through the entire roadtrip. The gesture we made today was great for Roy and he will rest in peace.

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    Here is a screen I took right before starting the roadtrip.

  • Thank you all for joining the ride!