lost psw (ingame ) of my account

  • Hi i am an old player of this server , i am Pio , my last team was ALT and now i come back to this big server to play again...but as you can see i got some problems....pls help me 😞

  • Hello desmond, if you know your e-mail adress, use the password recovery system. It helps you for sure.

  • Or PM an admin. Helped me when I returned from inactivity too. But only if you have no other means for password retrieval.

  • i tried the recovery system but it didn't work .... an advert said to me that i failed to insert new password...i need help by an admin and i am waiting someone , i am so sad i want to play with my account :((

  • if you are using discord, enter this service https://discord.gg/MR64u4T
    and try to communicate with the admin and get help from saes-support section.