Easy ways for pm and donating ingame money

  • Well to send pm to someone or donate him some money ingame u should type his name and there were big problems as examples
    G/S/C tags which u should type
    Some peeps have long names which is time-wasting and if u miss with a letter u won't do what u want
    So I suggest to make it easier by any way and I have some suggestions to make it easier
    1st : it's look like minecraft if someone play this game , u type some letters of the name then click shift or whatever u want then the name will be completed if there's two names or more have the same letter he type and he clicks shift, complete with anyname if he doesn't mean this name then he should click another shift to get the other name as an example , my name ingame is [AA*]Phoenix and someone wants to pm me then he will type /msg Pho then shift it would be /msg [AA*]Phoenix if he will type /msg AA* and clicked shift but I and [AA*]pazoo are on then it would be [AA*]pazoo at first but he wants me so he clicks another shift it will be changed to [AA*]Phoenix , okay now lemme ask a question , if 2 names have the same letters that the player type what's the first name will appear?. Well it depends on the position of the letter as u see phoenix and pazoo we have the same first letter so it depends on the second letter now as u see a is before h so pazzo will appear first,

    2nd : I think it's the easiest one , well in this suggestion I suggest to put for everybody a number by his name at TAB .well what does this number depend on ? . well it depends on the time u start playing as an example if gms accept this idea and make it, after updating and putting this idea the first one will open will be number 1 the second one will open after him will be number 2 and also with 3 4 5 6 but if number 3 closed and 1 2 4 5 6 are on and another guy opens the server then his number will be 3 (note : these numbers ain't fixed so if someone closes and opens his number may change) Then what's the benefits with these numbers ? Well if I have the number 35 and someone wants to msg me then he should type /msg 35 (text he wants) that's all (another note: before I started on saes I had played on another server and this idea is from this server)

    3rd : and it's my own idea while clicking tab it appears players list if we want to talk to them donate them we can do it by a click on their names on the list after clicking , a window should be opened with choices like msg , donate , bla bla , party , gang invitation , bla bla bla .

    Well these are my suggestions , and these suggestions not only for pm and donating but also for party , g/a/c invitation , blablabla

    Thanks for reading my suggestions

  • Or you can do a simple thing which is just press F2 type, Write the name of the person in search bar ( you can search him/her by writing his starting letter )click him and fill the right bottom blank bar for the amount of money you want to give. In last press enter.

    Second method

    Press M, open your saes tablet which super big and click message. Write the name in search bar and fill the money blank bar you want to give and send.

    PM problem

    You can send pm by just opening the saes tablet by M and click messages. Write the name of his/her in the bar and type the pm you want to send and bingo all done.

  • You could use TAB on chat so you can "complete" the player's name. Like you just have to write [AA] then press TAB and it will show, one by one, all players with [AA] nicks. However, I can't make that work recently, so you know ..... #blameblade

  • Name auto completion is already a thing (built into MTA itself) like Kipt eluded to.
    Simply type the first letters of their names (case sensitive), and then press tab.
    Sadly there is an issue with this that it sometimes uses the nametag, so it includes the wanted level, but that's down to MTA to fix.

  • okay guys thx for informing me i didnt know that

  • You also can use F2.