Pandashi SaS Application For Actor Division

  • 1- Personal Part :

    Nickname: Pandashi
    Username: elexux1
    Age: 23
    Country of residence: Philippines
    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: 2016
    Current organization: GT
    Current groups: N/A
    List the server punishments that you have received: N/A
    Tell us about yourself and your SAES career : Hello ، I'm Pandashi , I'am 23 years old i like to play saes in my free time to enjoy with friends , and help my gang .

    2 - Rules check :

    Which division do you wish to join: Actor
    State 2 of that division rules:
    -Stick to the producer's orders if you are participating at any activity.
    -Don't ask for your payment after finishing the Job , You will receive it by any HQ member when everything is perfectly done.
    Optional: Anyone recommended you to apply for SaS ?: Pablo
    Post a picture of a camera to be considered. (in a spoiler):

    Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit in our group: I love photography and acting so I think I found the right place to experience that feeling inside the game.

  • Congratulations! @Pandashi
    alt text
    Meet any HQ in-game for the invitation.
    don't forget join discord