Snake.'s Ban Appeal

  • Nickname: Snake.
    Username: anissou
    Ban Date: 2022-08-26
    Banned By: Groove
    Serial: AAC4CA6189112D208328ED7B42B8A344
    Ban Reason: Multiaccounting & Manipulating
    Why should we unban you:

    I have been thinking for a long time in this mistake and i really rerget what i have done. I created a new account for my brother to play in this server after he played 1-2 days he got bored and decided to not play this game anymore so i wanted to take the risk and use his account for sometime and that was the worst movement i really regret that,i was playing normal until someday we wanted to do a bankrobbery at night and there was 4 cops i got called to come ingame so i disconnected from my brother account and logged in with my main account and groove was online,when i logged in i saw that they need 1 cop i disconnected quickly and logged in as cop again and groove was watching when the BR started i got banned for manipulating,i didnt want to do a ban appeal right after i got banned because i know that i have done a big problem,but im doing it now asking for one more last chance to play in this server,this was my first mistake and i promise it will be the last. its my first ban since i joined this server.

  • You can be unbanned on 1st November 2022.

    If you are involved in similar cases where accounts are made to manipulate a police BR count, a server mechanic, gang requirements or bend a rule that'd prevent you from arresting rival gang members if you hadn't been multiaccounting on the first place, you'll be banned for a far longer period of time.