[SUGGESTION]Advanced Drug Dealer Deliveries

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    Hello Readers,
    So I am quite new into Lua programming language and I have recently made a script which is an advanced Drugs Delivery script, I took the idea from GTA 4, doing the jobs for a drug addict called Little Jacob and put it live into MTA SA.

    Okey so we all know that the server is currently suffering from losing players and its already clear that the players count have dropped a lot lately, most of the SRs are empty and Bank Robberies only happen in a certain time, due to this, I suggest adding a script similar to the one I made for criminals so we can find things to do when there is actually nothing to do.

    First Scenario

    The current drug dealer delivery script is forgotten, and no one does those deliveries due to the low payment it got, the one I made is so simple, works almost the same as the Transporter Script, there is a ped spawned in 3 cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas,
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    in front of the ped there is a circle, once you hit the circle a GUI panel shows up asking you if you want to take the job
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    once you click on accept a voodoo will spawn (it fits for the job) next to you, your skin will be changed to the current drug dealer skin in SAES and you are going to get loaded with a weapon just in case cops came, also you'd get 3 stars which are around 10 stars in SAES.
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    you are going to be asked to deliver the drugs in a place and once you hit the circle, a ped will be created and you just have to go and approach him so you can get paid.
    alt textalt text

    Second Scenario

    After taking the job, the location will be shown on the radar, once you arrive you won't find no one and you are going to be asked to hide the drugs somewhere, in my case, I hided it under the dumpster.
    alt text
    After hiding, the job will be done, your car will get destroyed and you can restart the mission.
    The Script asks you to make 3 deliveries; 2 deals and one hidden package, once you are done with all of them, your car will be destroyed and you will gain more stars (around 30) in SAES and you will get paid 60k in total since both of the scenarios are mixed together in one job.
    Of course with the touch of the SAES developpers team, something good would be made.

  • Little Jacob isn't a drug addict

  • @DROT said in [SUGGESTION]Advanced Drug Dealer Deliveries:

    Little Jacob isn't a drug addict

    Rasta == weed addict

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  • Big yes, this will give us some GTA 4 vibes again and something you can finally do especially in the mornings.

  • Pretty cool idea, but it will get ignored like everything else in suggestions.

  • +1

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