Military Civilian Components

  • Nickname: Lily
    Ingame account name: zeus74330
    Discord name and tag: Joelmo Rabaça#6711
    How long you have been playing SAES?: For 6 years
    Server Memberships: FBI

    Your strengths: I would say that my biggest strenght it's teamwork, i have learned it in such a high level due to my real life job (I am a Sergeant in Portuguese Air Force), that i don't know how to describe this in "civil" words, but it doesn't matter who cross the line first or who's the last, what matters is if we all cross it together, that's what makes comradeship. Another strenght that i've learnt it's communication, it's vital to have a good environment among your group in order to make them understand your point of view and what's the objective that you're trying to achieve, otherwise you're most likely to fail. I'm a quite calm and patient person aswell. Speaking about SAES & MTA itself, i'm an experienced and "old" player, although i've been inactive for too much time, i still consider myself as a good shooter and a creative player.
    Your weaknesses: The biggest weakness that i see on myself is being too perfectionist and sometimes too hard with myself if i don't manage to accomplish the objective.

    Last legitimate adminjail: I don't exactly recall, but it was before 2019.
    Last legitimate ban: N/A
    Additional Information (Optional): I have already been part of Desert Eagle lines as an Assault Unit Sergeant, although i was removed back in 2019 due to inactivity.

    Have you read the entire topic before applying?: Yes i did.

  • Nickname: Piggy / Mephisto
    Ingame account name: kenttabadat
    Discord name and tag: kenttabadat#8154
    How long you have been playing SAES?: since 2016
    Server Memberships: SWAT, ALT, SAM, SaS. BRINKS.

    Your strengths: Excellent Observation, Team Player.
    Your weaknesses: Ingame weakness is fps drop, for people are those hypocrites.

    Last legitimate adminjail: when i was new to the server.
    Last legitimate ban: N/A
    Additional Information (Optional): Hello, i use the tag name Piggy ingame and often says "oink oink" on the server, am 30 years of age and still willing to learn tactics in game and stuffs.

    Have you read the entire topic before applying?: Yes, I did.

  • Nickname: Kratos
    Ingame account name: pricrime30
    Discord name and tag: Dr3amS#4535
    How long you have been playing SAES?: since 2013
    Server Memberships: SAC

    Your strengths: Good driver, shooter and teamworker.
    Your weaknesses: Maybe flying.

    Last legitimate adminjail: N/A
    Last legitimate ban: N/A
    Additional Information (Optional):

    Have you read the entire topic before applying?: Yes, I did.

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    Nickname: [SWAT*]FreshCoffee
    Ingame account name: Potato5
    Discord name and tag: FreshCoffee#2705
    How long you have been playing SAES?: I have started since 2017
    Server Memberships: [SWAT] /Probation

    Your strengths: Im active ,obedient and cooperative while working with a team, i take things seriously when you'll want me to or just have fun when i have nothing to do
    Your weaknesses: I can get angry very easily because of what i experience irl but i try to avoid interaction when im in that state , boredom kills me alot lately so i won't be playing if theres nothing to do

    Last legitimate adminjail: Don't remember
    Last legitimate ban: Don't remember
    Additional Information (Optional): Nothing to say

    Have you read the entire topic before applying?: Before and After my application

  • **Nickname:*zarc
    Ingame account name:[SWAT
    **Discord name and tag:**Zarc#7722
    **How long you have been playing SAES?:**i starter in the summer of 2021
    **Server Memberships:**SWAT

    **Your strengths:**Before making a choice I decide what to do in situations I am used to working in a group with my teammates
    **Your weaknesses:**I don't like working alone so much I hate being alone I want to be next to a partner I have with my teammates

    **Last legitimate adminjail:**Never caught
    **Last legitimate ban:**Never caught
    Additional Information (Optional):
    My name is Zarc
    and i live in ITALY but my real name is Christian since i was 14 i tried MTA and i played on a spanish military server where there were clans i liked the military life even if i love the police life my dream when i grow up i graduate and become Carabiniere one of the police forces in Italy the spanish server I played with it until 2019 because then it closed and then I found saes that I feel very good At the moment I am in the SWAT team
    By now I always play mta and it has become my favorite game for almost 9 years now that I have been playing mta

    **Have you read the entire topic before applying?:**Yes, i read

  • Nickname: My nickname is Denox.
    Ingame account name: kavkazets.
    Discord name and tag: denox#3440.
    How long you have been playing SAES?: 8 years straight.
    Server Memberships: I've come back from a very long low activity period and I'm not sure of all the groups I'm still in, but I can recall raceTECH and Cunning Stunts for sure.

    Your strengths: I believe that one of my greatest strength is the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. I can see any given situation from multiple perspectives, which makes me uniquely qualified to complete my tasks even under challenging conditions. That problem solving allows me to be a better communicator. I can firmly say that my ability to see all sides of an issue will make me a great asset to the team.
    Your weaknesses: Tendency to take on too much responsibility.

    Last legitimate adminjail: I don't remember the exact time, but surely months ago.
    Last legitimate ban: As far as I remember, it was back in 2019.
    Additional Information (Optional):
    Have you read the entire topic before applying?: Yes, I did.

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