Solved 100 Safes Cracked in /stats In Order to crack in Casino Robbery

    • Haven't there been some fuss in our last days of playing? Whether it is in the criminal aspect of it or the security of it. You earn a lot of money and listen to this activity depending on the collective action of the gangs, and depending on the intelligence of the police to succeed in stopping this activity. It's the CASINO ROBBERY!

    • As you know, in order to succeed in stealing all safes, expert and distinguished agents in the field of cracking must be present to succeed in this. I would like to suggest making putting a barrier for those who don't have ''100 SAFES CRACKED'' in their /stats, to not have the ability to crack. While the ones who have got ''100 SAFES CRACKED'' in their /stats could crack any gate in this robbery.

    • This is to literally avoid a lot of problems that we experienced the last time. People, in bank robberies and fails to crack a safe from 1M -> 8M. So what if we talk about a huge number like 10M -> 80M? I see people who don't even have ''10 Safes Cracked'' from Bank Robberies and trying to crack the safes of this Casino Robbery man, it makes us suffer.

    • Not only do they push us out of the safe, they will not only steal the place and burn it for the distinguished in this field, but often we wait for them to get bored of the leeches in the middle of the safe to get out of it when the time is over.

  • accidentaly pressed no

  • Anyone cracking safes becomes collisionless 60 seconds after entering the marker to allow someone else to crack.
    Besides that, the casino robbery is supposed to be a collective activity between gangs, so you can always agree on who can crack beforehead and gang HQs would have to allow or prevent their members from cracking. Surely you guys can manage that.
    Personally I do not agree with this suggestion.

  • @Scorpyo Yea, you're kinda right on that but also need to see how criminals ''behave'' in such scenario. I've seen people from different orgs trying to be heroes which end up fucking the whole team. sometimes on purpose and sometimes just to tryhard and prove something. I don't see how bad it would be to put this sort of ''filter'' on Casino Robberies. I personally think 100 safes cracked is still low but is a good ammount i guess.

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