Radio doesn't works

  • Hello to everyone. I have a problem, whenever i try to listen some music I can't since most of the radios doesn't works except for 2 or 3. The rest of the radios are just silent. I also want to play the vanilla radios to listen to my custom songs (Because I don't like the custom radios anyway) but I can't, whenever I open the control panel with M and play the vanilla radios it simply doesn't starts. Is there a way to fix this?

  • I dont fully understand what you mean but to launch ur music you need to have an mp3 link for the song explain more indeed i will have further ideas

  • @filex Well besides what I said first, my problem is that I cannot listen to my custom mp3 songs that I added to my GTA SA User files folder because the vanilla radios aren't able to use in the server. I don't know how to explain it better haha

  • Some of the radios just don’t work, try different stations and pick a good one for you.

  • If anyone can make a tutorial on how to use radio...

  • @Chief i dont have time unfortuatly but besides @Pzkpfw_VI you need to use for example a web like not to dowload on ur user files it is the only way to play the music you want to hear

  • @chief said in Radio doesn't works:

    If anyone can make a tutorial on how to use radio...

    I'll make one today or tomorrow, to help y'all out.

  • @gohan Thanks bro, would be great 😃

  • Dear, Nubs.
    1: Go to your Youtube Song/Music.
    2: Copy the URL
    Like This
    3: Go to any Youtube MP3 converter website (Let's take the one that Filex gave you click here and it will open
    4: Past your Youtube Link
    Like This
    5: Press on this:
    Like This
    6: Then instead of pressing "Download" like a nub, you will right click on "Download" and you will "Copy the Adress Link"
    7: You will have a link like so:
    8: Open MTA>SAES> M panel> Radio
    9: Go on "Custom URL"
    10: Copy your URL
    11: Press "Play"
    12: Enjoy your fucking music and remimber that Lucifer is PRO.
    13: (You can still listen to Radio SA, when someone is in Live, and request any song you'd like 😉 )

  • To answer your question about vanilla radios:

    It doesn't work.
    The person who made the current radio system either forgot, or purposefully removed the default radio streams. Its poorly made. Right now there is no way to listen to default GTA:SA radios. I have actually scripted a new radio system that includes all the default/vanilla radio stations and have the current custom radio streams and about 30 new custom radio streams in it. All in the mousescroll. I am simply waiting for it to be approved and hopefully it might get implemented at some point. So lets see what happens.