Unsolved [SUGGESTION]Auto Add To Donator Group

  • Hello, Well as you all know many people spam and ask in SAES discord to get added to donator group in forum and actually it take long for it due to admins laziness and they are busy.
    So i suggest to add a new feature to the forum that automatically add users to donator group once they donate.

  • If im not wrong, they have been trying to find one plugin for auto topic/group upon donations on forums without a succes. Im pretty sure Brophy even offered cash to someone who was able to make a donation system for him. (Was 2 years ago)

    So untill a donation plugin is not done, you can see this request as a dead end for the time and lets hold our thumbs Brophy finds a plugin soon!

    @Brophy please correct me if im wrong

  • I wrote the current plugin that auto-posts after donations via PayPal.

    I need to amend it to start correctly outputting the username on the topic titles, so when I get round to doing it, I'll add the API call to auto add to the donator group on the forum.

    This will only work on donations via Paypal and made by the person making the donation, so if someone else donates on your behalf without using your forum id, it will still be a manual process.

  • @Brophy

    Do you hane any clue why that auto thing never works for me? Doesnt matter if i donate from my phone or my pc it never works. Did you ban me from the auto thingy?