Playlist in tablet and sound suggestions

  • Well I think it's not important to some people but most of them love songs and they gets problems from repeating the same song because it's only one and to get another song we should open browser convert ,…… so I suggest to make an icon in tablet called playlist from this icon we can add any amount of songs we like then play it .
    Another suggestion about the sound of the music, well . in real life we can see peeps wearing headphones or earphones to listen to music and we see others listening to a music with their friend , so I suggest to put an earphone mode that makes you listen to this music alone or with your friends but they should accept to listen by a message sent to them ("player" want to share with u a music) and should be near from you ,
    That's all and thx

  • For the playlist suggestion, yeah, makes sense, can't see anything wrong with that.

    About the shared music, can't agree. If you want to listen music with your friend, you can do it by staying in the same vehicle and playing your music right after your friend got in. Voilá, you're listening to music with your friends, and it works up to as many passengers as the vehicle can fit.

  • @starwars but when he leaves the car and enter he can't listen anything then u should go down and get a new link to play the music

  • With the playlist suggestion that wouldn't be a problem. Right?

  • @starwars it's up to the admins

  • Let me offer an idea we can buy the desired songs with ingame money
    for example we can get a song track on RADİO SA and in this case everybody can buy the song track
    and everyone can open their own song

  • @favignano there will be a problem
    some people love kind of songs
    Another love another kind
    If the GMs do that they will have to know every song in this world , In fact it would be difficult for them but if they can do it so it will be a good good idea

  • I don't even know how to make the fucking song works at the tablet but +1