Missjudgement by @Tut-Greco

  • I can not agree in any way with his decision. My punishment was an adminjail and it had nothing to do at all with a reasonable decision. It was straight ahead bullshit.
    The situation is the following. I get reported by a trainee known as @dodger, which got himself into a roleplay.. I rammed him off the road as soon as he crashed into one of the bbmc participants at an access to the bridge.
    So far so good.

    As I got reported, I easily appealed that report to tut, and his judgement was a literal understanding of F1 rule 1 which states that I have to avoid damaging any vehicles FOR NO REASON.

    After that, and stating the point of the reason of my "Deathmatch" The following appealed to the rule 1.3 which states that an officer can not take actions against the trainees, BASED ON RULE 1, which essentially still keeps the "For no reason".

    I really request a second opinion on this punishment, and a proper response by any other saes HQ member. This is not a direct report against @Tut-Greco, but it is against his decision. It is an actual appeal.

  • If someone deathmatches you, you're not allowed to revenge that. If someone is deathmatching someone else, you're not allowed to attack said player. You're to report it to an admin. If you choose to attack whoever's attacking you're in danger of getting punished yourself. That's really simple isn't it?

    Now i'm sure if you had acted differently towards Tut, spoken to him and tried to understand his point of view the outcome of this would of been different. Instead you're acting like you know better, and that you're right. You're also acting like you're someone to be afraid of, which let me clarify you're not. And if you threaten a staff or an admin again you will be appealing a ban, and not a punishment. Let me point out that that's not a threat, it's a fact.