New MTA server: SAES:PUBG is now a thing!

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    We're happy to present you with the results of our pre-alpha project which has been on and off last week:

    SAES:PUBG! We have decided to launch a new MTA server besides RvB, running the popular Battle Royale/PUBG gamemode genre. As of right now, the gamemode has exited pre-alpha stage and the server has opened up to the public.

    server details;

    SAES:PUBG - Battlegrounds / Battle Royale |


    Let me give you some first impressions of PUBG MTA (screenshots of SAES:PUBG):

    Looting system

    alt text


    alt text

    alt text

    I assume most of you will be known with the PUBG concept, it's a trend which found its way from the original game to MTA, hoping to recreate it exactly.

    The game centers on being the last man standing after being dropped by plane into a widespread county, having to constantly move as the zone closes in on you. Loot (weapons and items) to combat other players can be found anywhere, and vehicles will be spawned on the streets. The zone will get smaller and smaller, staying outside of the zone as it compresses will shrink your HP and eventually kill you, which forces all players to retreat into the same zones, in turn making it more likely to come across eachother. So it's really natural selection, playing style and tactical decisions are smarter than "engage, engage engage!", in the end it's about survival.

    Short instructions for item/loot interaction:

    • Press TAB when you're standing near (on) loot, which will appear like a single or multiple packages on the ground.

    • Rightclick common items to move then to your inventory. Weapons should be dragged into the greater weapon slots to the right on your inventory (make sure to) which you can recognize as they light up when you lift the item.

    Items, like bulletproof vests (armor), helmets and backpacks, will only work if you equip them correctly, which means moving them to the right item or weapon slot, instead of general inventory.

    These "short instructions" will soon be replaced by a topic containing full guides and gameplay instruction for those who can't figure everything out instantly.

    The SAES:PUBG server can handle infinite amount of games at the same time, which means you can wait until enough pending players joined the lobby you're in, which makes your lobby "Lobby 1" and the game will then start. You're not in the same world as other matches running at the same time.

    Please note that while the gamemode exited pre-alpha stage and most bugs have been weeded out recently, it's still beta. Any bugs that you will inevitably find, can be reported on our bugtracker or directly to the SAES discord channel #pubg-betatest, thanks.

    Additional features will be added later on, we're planning on implementing squad (team) matches, a lobby-and team restricted chatbox, voice chat, loot drops, character and rewards system and stats saving.

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  • Stop with the useless spam unless it's in Blackhole section

  • Please note, this server has captured a core issue, we are leaving it in this state while we wait for the MTA team to capture this error, once done, we will restart the server.

    @TheK can fill you in more about it.

  • Well, can we suggest stuff? (besides of fixing the damn bugs 🙂 )

    Anyhow, add buzz sound to the blue wall, when this gets close to you. And a couple of vehicle mods wouldn't be that bad.

  • @kipt you can now post bugs and suggestion in the new dedicated section for it:

  • Looking fun! Will have a look at it for sure! Goodjob boi's.

  • Nice

  • I like the server. it would be good if you edit the blue storm's damage ( It damages a lot ) and add the duos and squads modes and add the heaven airdrop

  • @curvy said in New MTA server: SAES:PUBG is now a thing!:

    edit the blue storm's damage ( It damages a lot )

    Yea totally agree, it is currently way to high. You die within less then <2 seconds with full health.

  • @ikzelf said in New MTA server: SAES:PUBG is now a thing!:

    @curvy said in New MTA server: SAES:PUBG is now a thing!:

    edit the blue storm's damage ( It damages a lot )

    Yea totally agree, it is currently way to high. You die within less then <2 seconds with full health.

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    Fuck ..

  • I played there yesterday, it can be a good thing, but not sure tho...Some players there were assholes 😃

  • @fyrr

  • I believe @TheK is working one these issues, he will be also updating the force field to have the proper pubg look, will have smoother movement and I believe the damage modifier will be changed.

  • @dariich Welcome to SAES 🙂

  • We should invite mta players to this.. awesome, good job @TheK