Solved external prison map, and 15+ sec protection

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    Ok, so everything started when we started discussing not having proper scripts, and walls for protection, and scripts against spawn-killing, and nades, but I extended it to decoratives, thing is, I don't know if this would lag since during a JB there is an FPS drop to 30-40 (for me) and I won't change the framerate to do an average test if nobody's got the same PC so. ALTHOUGH there is more lag in the spawns than in the prison, since there are more cars there, so it wouldn't make any sense to reject this because of "LAG"

    There is also the plan to put two SWAT cars, and one police LS to increase the chance to arrest criminals. (SWAT cars will be only used by Squad members, and police warden)


    I'm not intending to delete the current zones of the prison such as the rooftops, and the stairs to the rooftop, I'm just adding content. Be aware if this is added, SWAT tanks will most likely not be available

    Here are the photos:

    Criminals escape plans, and an extra:



    • 15 seconds spawn protection
    • fence walls for protection against nades


    • two escape plans
    • tactical positions in the north entrance (Prisoners will be hard to kill since there is a fence in front of the gate unless there are superior numbers of cops on the perimeter)
  • We are not planning on doing any prison map changes at the moment.

  • Low health Criminals can't escape because they'll get damaged with that escape plan therefore it will be a free reporting if the criminal dies, and the decoratives are just anarchy.
    keep the current one

  • @M7mDGr7 I already fixed that already after I updated the prison, I just don't know if suggestions can be updated to fix issues...

    But first of all, it's very unlikely, because you would need to have only 5 hp or less, but anyway there is always the case when one dies so:

    It could work with an invisible collision-disabled wall that can trigger a client-side script that only works for people with the prisoner's clothing, and can work only one time once the prisoner has left blast the door
    and will give you 1-2 mins to escape to an arrow that only appears once the prisoner has escaped

  • I like the mapping you made, looks similar to Half Life style but I don't really think that any of this is necessary, your topic started with discussing lag and you moved to mapping, I mean it is just a spawn not a place to AFK at or a base, a prison warden spawns either to go inside the jail or just to defend from outside.

  • We are not planning on doing any prison map changes at the moment.

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