LWS Promotion event - Gangs/Squads

  • I made this event back in time, not sure if the community still are up to this, so let's see how many that responds to this topic. 🙂

    Date: April, 2 at 18.00 server time. (Doors open from 16.00 to map hangars interior)
    Location: G6 area.

    In this promotion event, each Gang & Squad will get one hangar with space for 3-5 vehicles.
    Anyone with a construction panel could help you, to map your interior of the hangar to make it look good.
    Show yourself, your organisation! and have fun!.
    Join the massive DM event when it's over!.

    alt text
    alt text

    Leaders/Vice Add your Gang/squad Tag + full name (like TST - The Strike Team) if you are showing up.

    Who will join??:


    TST - The Strike Team

  • Count us in, looks fun. Medellin Cartel

  • @WenDo said in LWS Promotion event - Gangs/Squads:

    Count us in, looks fun. Medellin Cartel
    tag is ? MC?