Drakath's Application For SaS

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    1- Personal Part :

    Nickname: SAFP|Drakath
    Username: Pablo99
    Age: 15
    Country of residence: Tunisia
    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: this year
    Current organization: SAFP
    Current groups: BOPE
    List the server punishments that you have received: N/A
    Tell us about yourself and your SAES career : i dont have so much to tell about myself but iam an good player friendly helpful i have like 3 month when i start play the server but i join SAFP and make so many friend

    2 - Rules check :

    Which division do you wish to join: Actor
    State 2 of that division rules: Stick to the producer's orders if you are participating at any activity.
    Don't ask for your payment after finishing the Job , You will receive it by any HQ member when everything is
    perfectly done.
    Dont be childish.
    Optional: Anyone recommended you to apply for SaS ?: @Valen
    Post a picture of a camera to be considered. (in a spoiler):

    Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit in our group:
    iam a good photographer and i want to take same photos and post it in media archive
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  • @Drakath
    Dear applicant, after discussion within our HQ team and voting that has ended positive for you we've decided to let you move on the next stage of the application process. Please join our discord server where you will be given probationary role and assigned tasks that you should do at a certain time for a promotion.
    ( https://discord.gg/Z28buVtdBg )

    alt metni

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