Guys, what do you think about the situation in Ukraine?
By Dalb, in Blackhole

  • Please share your thoughts. How do you see the situation? I myself am from Russia, and I am very interested in what foreigners think. Please do not incite hatred towards any people, so that the admins do not block.Sry for bad english.🇷🇺 ☮ 🇺🇦

  • Why does it need to be discussed? Especially by saes players.

  • @Bisollini You can not discuss. I'm just interested in your opinion, where else can I find out the opinions of people from all countries of the earth.

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  • Few people write their opinion. I will write my opinion. I believe that the land on which people live belongs to these people. The main events began in 2004. When was the presidential election. Ukraine was divided into 2 parts, those who wanted to cooperate with Europe, and those who wanted to cooperate with Russia. Fair elections were annulled due to the huge number of radical people who voted against him.

    A new person came to presidency who was determined to cooperate with Europe. During his time, the country was only ruined. Then Yanukovych was chosen, this is the one who won in fair elections. In 2014, mass radical rallies began, known as Maidan. The rallies took place for the most part, that in the western part of Ukraine lived people who were tuned in to political ties with Europe.
    Also in the city of Odessa, the parliament building was blocked and set on fire, 48 people were burned. After the overthrow of the president, a new government came, aimed at cooperation with Europe. At this point, Russia sent a small number of troops to Crimea to hold a referendum, with over 90% voting in favor of reunification with Russia. The same results were in the Donbass.
    With the advent of the new government, the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine began. Ukraine did not agree with the recognition of the Crimea (Russia) and Donbass (self-proclaimed). Supplies of weapons from the West began to Ukraine, Ukraine increased its armament. And Ukraine unleashed a war with the Donbass. The weapons that were supplied for the self-defense of Ukraine began to be used to kill civilians in Donbass. Nationalist groups were also created, which burned and killed not only the military, but also civilians. But now we are tired of enduring it.
    On February 24, Russia started an operation in Ukraine to destroy nationalist battalions. The result of this war is so obvious that it is stupid to discuss it. Russia will win this war in any way, but the United States began to supply even more weapons to Ukraine, this will only lead to heavy losses on both sides and civilians.
    I hope for a speedy end to the war and a minimum number of deaths on both sides.☮

  • I'm not a douchebag person but i don't really understand why is everyone giving it that much of attention, Maybe because people are dying and we should show some humanity? Well i guess people are kinda late for that because whats happening existed and still existing already in many different places around the world well even worse to be more specific violation rights, bombing children..etc, So lets not play dumb we already know enough to not give a fuck.

  • @Dalb

    My personal opinion on this post..

    1. This sounds very much like the Russian propaganda story that is being told by the Russian government
    2. The referendum in Crimea was never accepted internationally. It was held in an area occupied by the Russian military so people might have been forced to vote for Russia. Putin is a dictator so they'll always find a way to somehow "win" any election with a massive lead.
  • @JojoDb The European Union has not considered the president of Belarus legitimate for 25 years. There have always been Russian soldiers in Crimea, until 2014 inclusive.Each country has its own propaganda, and as a person who has been to Crimea 3 times, I can say that the propaganda of the European Union and America is far from the truth.

    It's my mistake that I replied to the message, I won't do it again. I won't stir up controversy.

  • Agree with @Bisollini.

    You're all entitled to your own opinions and feel free to discuss them in private with each other however we don't endorse political controversy such as this thread.

    As far as SAES is concerned, we will continue to support those adversely impacted by these events as shown in however we are not looking to prompt any further discussion on the matter hence why that thread was also locked.

    Thanks for understanding.

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