Report to SAPA tut for abusing its rank

  • Name of Offender : SAPA Tut vl
    Hello, the question is simple, I put my complaint even though it is not going to take action but well, I put my complaint because it is already quite exhausting what the boy does this,He gave me a jail because he was talking to me with my mother and with the touch mouse without realizing I shot him, that's the kind of admin that is on this server
    I have reported several times with tests and being connected ONDUTY has not given any kind of support or help, I have asked questions and I also do not get an answer, I understand that there are people, but not even after hours is able to answer Honestly I do not know how or why this kind of people have a rank, it only makes me give jail and jail and jail and jail without asking for explanations, they make me report, I send proofs there is no taking of measures, I am criminal, I defend myself from a police and jail sends me with the reason of Dm, seriously you have to allow this type of situation, I hope that even if you do not take action, you know the situation of this person, because I AM NOT THE ONLY VICTIM

  • I think Tut is a great guy

  • To my belief you did shoot me with intention to kill, at which time I toggled staff and punished you despite the clear history of 11 adminjails, 8 of which are deathmatch related.
    FYI i had just deposited my weaponry at the nearby disk, was chatting to Groove, turned my camera angle 35 degrees to the left and continued to chat to Groove after I noticed that you were aiming at me. I interpreted your aiming as baiting and didn't offer my PC RP nor made any interest in arresting.
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  • @script100
    Clearly you will not say the opposite, but it is your word against that of thousands of victims

  • @tut-greco
    Thank you for giving me the reason with that test, if I wanted to kill you you would be dead, but as I said, what you are claiming is a lie, all the adminsjails that you have done I still hope that one is right, and I repeat all the adminsjails that you have done to me is because you have wanted, because you call Dm to anything, and Dm is not what you think, I am a criminal and if a policeman comes to arrest me I am going to kill him, everyone on the server does it, but you like it abuse of your rank is easier to jailear, but only to me, because of course if you give jail to all they take you rank, which you should not have: D

  • In summary my message is very clear, I have no more to claim, mostly because I will not waste my time, continue to abuse their rank, they will complain and you will see that I am right, because this boy does not He asks me for explanations, he gives me jail, and ... Do you say that he is a good admin? Friendship is clearly friendship, but well this person more than help and give support, the only thing he does is abuse his range, a greeting

  • Tut is very honest person and fair Admin Staff

  • @Hitman
    One thing is a cop running at you like a wild bull, other is some cop that is standing still looking at you. I believe that's the reason of half of your admin jails.

    Now I don't know the history between you and Tut but I have a hard time to believe that Tut would jail you without a proper reason or for a fake report.

    Ofc every cop near you can arrest you at any time, and I fully understand you don't wanna spend 7 minutes in jail, but you can't kill every cop near by. Some might be there just chilling and chatting. My suggestion is for you to wait for the cop to make the first move.

  • I do not kill police who keep looking at me, I kill those who come for me, it seems shameful to me so much defense after all the abuse of power that makes, but as I said before, friendship is friendship, tut imprison Si or Si , no matter the reason, do not ask incarcerated, and well the complaint is put with me I'll take measures or not, for you it will be the best, for me and the other people who punish for boredom is an admin that rather abusive, just that they do not say anything for fear of banning, but this is a forum and we have to express the opinions and the bad uses that people do, now if I retire and do not say more, what I wanted to achieve is already said, it is my complain.

  • I do not answer anymore.

  • This report isn't a fucking 'weigh in on what you think of Tut'

    The only person(s) who can respond to reports are Staff+ and the person who submitted the report.

    Any further instances of parties posting here who are not pertinent to the report, will have their posts removed and posting rights suspended.

  • Losing time by opening such nonsensical topics..

  • Tut is the best Admin staff

  • Congratulations @Script100 @James @kipt @Resistant313 @gullbooy with your 2 day forum ban

  • @hitman said in Report to SAPA tut for abusing its rank:

    Clearly you will not say the opposite, but it is your word against that of thousands of victims

    Let the thousands of victims write reports and we will see if Tut is really that evil person. On serious note Tut did great job by punishing you and Im sure he tried to explain the mistake you've done yet you decided to take it on forums. Next time think twice before killing cop that isn't chasing you mister Hitman.