Ukraine Residents: Housing Requirements

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    Due to recent events within Ukraine, we are suspending the requirement for residents of Ukraine to login within 30 days to keep their housing until further notice.

    Although this is a gesture of goodwill, we will no doubt encounter those who will try to use this to abuse the system, therefore we have taken a snapshot of the housing and current user's IP location, those who are seen or are involved with purposely creating new accounts using a VPN, transferring properties to residents of Ukraine to avoid the 30-day login requirement or any other housing-related circumvention of the rules will have all their assets (incl. bank balance) wiped.


  • @Kawaii Stay safe bro we miss u 😞

  • @King Don't leave me on seen, please...

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    I hope everyone is safe and that this war ends, because we are in the year 2022, such things should belong in the past, and violence like that never brought good things, and I am hoping for a more diplomatic solution in the end.

    But things aside, may everyone stay safe and hope this bloody war ends as soon as possible, and that we can all return back to normal.

    And if there are people who would abuse this situation, even in order to keep their properties here on SAES, I find that pretty disrespectful to the ongoing situation and the people involved in it, so at least have some respect, for yourselves and for others

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    Thinking of all our fellow saes brothers / sisters! Hope they are all safe along with their families and friends! You are always in my thoughts and i pray that this all ends soon! The courage and strength i have seen from the Ukrainians is beyond words and i stand with you all! πŸ’› β€‹πŸ’™β€‹

    Nice one @Brophy πŸ‘πŸΌ

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    Lets hope this will end soon.. Stay save and stay strong ❀

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