Unsolved [CHANGE]-Deathmatch Dust_2 changes

  • The deathmatch map is cool, but it should have some new stuff to be more ''functional'', as the player dont have any spawn or respawn inside the map, the most time i try to play it with guys they take a LOT of time, now thinking about the features...

    • Adding CT and TR spawn points in their respective original spawns
      -Adding an snack machine to sell health, plus an pit somewhere far in the map corners (maybe more than 1 pit) for ppl to suicide)
      -(i consider it optionally) an armor selling machine, and with this removing the exit markers, so people cant use the armor out the DM
    • Adding floating guns to take (Colt 45 akimbo, tec9/uzi akimbo, desert, m4/ak, Sniper) or adding them to loadout (i would stick with akimbo, they're cool for deathmatch)

    The main reason i wanted to talk about this is cause i felt the original soo boring, the guys took too long by wave to wave, the respawn would make the DM an pretty solid minigame, which i believe it would bring a lot of fun to server, i want to add more suggestionts thinking about stuff like this, hope to have community support for some of those ideas ❤

  • All these issues can be resolved by simply adding dust2 to the rvb server of SAES. Takes less time for scripters as well

  • i believe it must be kept incomplete then

  • Dust2 is already on rvb I think

  • It's not meant to be a deathmatch map, Lounge uses it for matches.

  • @Bisollini i think it as just for deathmatch counter-strike like, the problem is that this DM is pretty whacky, when 1 match is over you're taking full 2 to 10m because of ppl, i was trying to play with boys but i just rage quitted since they was taking 5m to being ready, it really sucks XD, thats why i feel thats something important to add, but while some ppl think saes shouldn't add shit i believe i dont really care about it at all

  • actually, my friend even told me that i cant play RvB cuz it auto kick ppl with more than 200ms, so i will dont play RvB, as i usually get 240ms

  • @musky Then you cannot play in matches either I belief. Not sure as idk where you live. If it's already on RvB then I doubt admins will make it in the RPG server

  • i think it would be pretty easy to scripters add smt like this to server, so if ppl get interested in the idea maybe it happen