DISS - Battalion_de_Secret_Security

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    Battalion_de_Secret_Security was formed in USA, near Washington, in 1980 in the wake of the terraces and other less well known events in USA. Initially named SBS ( Secret Battalion Security ), it became operational in June 1981, under the command of lieutenant Fesko and performed its first mission ten days later. Another unit, named Department 44, was created simultaneously within the parachute squadron in San Francisco in southwest USA but the two units were merged under Shakespeare's command in 1980 and adopted the DISS designation. In 1997, it became the police tactical unit of a large organisation.
    In 2009, the DISS, while remaining part of the USA Armed Forces, was attached to the Ministry of the interior, which already supervised the National Police. Under the new command structure, DISS can still be engaged in military operations outside of USA due to their military status. Since its creation, the group has taken part in over 1800 operations, liberated over 600 hostages and arrested over 1500 suspects.

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    Date of creation: 1th October 2018
    Founder&Leader: Hulk
    Vice Leader: N/A
    Squad Panel: Battalion_de_Secret_Security
    Squad Motto: To save lives without regard to ones own
    Squad Balance: 30,000,000$
    Squad Tag: [DISS]Name<Rank> or [DISS*]Name
    Squad Color: #191970
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xqUujef

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    First, our task is to protect those who need our help. Our main mission is Counter-terrorism. Hostage rescue. Resolution of prison riots. Surveillance and observation of criminals and terrorists.
    Our other mission is Military special operations. Protection of officials.

    Counter-terrorism - We are doing our best to defend citizens and cities from terrorist attacks and our mission is to destroy all terrorists at our state.
    Hostage rescue - One of our main mission is to save the hostages, In difficult situations when the usual special forces are not in force, we proceed to the work. Our task is to destroy all the criminals without losing the hostages.
    Resolution of prison riots - In cases when prison riots begin, we are always ready to help. Our task is to resolve this mess in a short time.
    Military special operations - This is not our main role. But if the state needs our help, we are always ready to help at any time.
    Protection of officials - This is also not our main role. In case of need, our troops are always ready to protect the officials from any danger.

    DISS is currently organized in four "forces", under headquarters.

    Intervention force: Serving as the main assault unit of the DISS.

    Observation & search force: Specializing in reconnaissance work in relation with judiciary police work, and counter-terrorism.

    Operational Support force: Support force with specialized cells (long range sniping, breaching, assault engineering, special devices etc.)

    Training force: This force is tasked with selection, training and retraining (called recycling).

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    • Follow all of the server rules
    • Do not arrest people under 5 stars, exceptions can be made under special circumstances
    • Don’t insult/rage someone
    • Respect higher-ups, server administrators, staff and squad members
    • Don’t spam on any chat
    • Do no camp at hospital
    • Do not arrest other police officers

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    Leader- 5 level ( Leader is the person who is responsible for everything that happens in the squad ) Headquarters team

    Vice Leader- 4 level ( Vice leader is the person who Develops and implements goals ) Headquarters team

    Commander- 4 level ( The one who is responsible for all the work that takes place in the detachment ) Headquarters team

    Major- 4 level ( One of those who manage the operational teams ) Headquarters team

    Division Chief- 3 level ( Man who handles paperwork and manages lower ranks )

    Captain- 3 level ( Deputy of division chief )

    Special Agent- 2 level ( The member who went all the way of training and became a special agent )

    Lieutenant- 2 level ( Member to be involved in bulk operations )

    Sergeant- 1 level ( Member who also participates in mass operations but who has not grown to the rank of lieutenant )

    Officer- 1 level ( They keep order in the city and prevent all crimes )

    Cadet- 0 level ( Member who has just started a service and who needs to learn a lot )

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    • Hulk <L> ( 5 level ) Headquarters team

    Vice Leader

    • Vacant <vL> ( 4 level ) Headquarters team


    • Vacant <HQ> ( 4 level ) Headquarters team


    • Vacant <sHQ> ( 4 level ) Headquarters team

    Division Chief

    • Vacant <DC> ( 3 level )


    • Vacant <CPT> ( 3 level )

    Special Agent

    • Vacant <SPA> ( 2 level )


    • Vacant <LT> ( 2 level )


    • Vacant <SGT> ( 1 level )


    • Vacant <O> ( 1 level )


    • Vacant <*> ( 0 level )


    • Bazuka


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    In progress

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    Combat shooting and marksmanship training.
    Hand-to-hand combat training.
    Undercover surveillance and stalking (support in investigating cases).

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    Section -1-
    Real name & Nick name:
    Account name:
    English proficiency on a scale of (1-10):
    Do you have TeamSpeak/Discord/Whatsapp?:
    Section -2-
    Tell us about yourself:
    How long have you being playing SAES?:
    Do you have a Pro Cop diploma?:
    Explain our role ( in your words ) :
    Past squad/gang/companies ( if you left or were kicked and why ) :
    Arresting skills (1-10):
    Role-Play skills (1-10):
    Driving skills (1-10):
    Section -3-
    Your strengths:
    Your weakness:
    Why do you want join to DISS?:
    What can we expect from you?:
    Any additional information we may need to know?:


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