• Hey,
    I was at jail stading at the door with /dance 3 before those cops came, i told them "stop it" then i move he kept him, i told them if they will kill me i'll report them, easily, But he choosed to kill me and didn't give me chance to move away, I reported him but guess what? Tut said "fake report" plus adminjailed me for nothing..




    This report goes for Tut and [ARM]Vahe.

  • Tut had all rights to jail you. Being a cunt provoking this cop until he shoots you, and then trying to get him jailed? If I was you, knowing your history, I would try and lay low and not make drama over something like this. Get a grip, Auto.

  • I chose not to punish Vahe but rather will have a verbal warning applied instead to use /report in the future. I decided to go the other way around and punish you for your silly actions, you should know better than taking the piss at your fellow colleagues by blocking them during an active jailbreak. You were adminjailed for respectively violating rules #5 and #10.

    I will leave the topic open for any of my superiors to handle the case accordingly.

  • Are you completely fucking dense on purpose?

    You decided to block the door during a jailbreak, (or at any time), and expect to just be allowed do that?

    You know well that you can't and you knew that you would be killed. Then you decide to report the person who killed you?

    You should of been jailed for blocking the door and helping criminals as a cop, not just for the fake report.

    Lucky that it was only an adminjail given how fucking shit your attitude and history in this community is.

  • You are a retard, case closed.