More Gang/Squad Levels

  • Hello,
    So as you know there are many level 5 squads and gangs, I'd like to suggest to add 1 or 2 group level. Because some of them are better than others but they can't get what they deserve or reach their limit so they can show that they are better than the other squads/gangs also have better stuff than them. It's not all about adding more competition, also adding cooler rewards that they deserve. Just talking with examples not secretly referring any squad or gang. I think adding 1 or 2 group levels would be cool.

    Level 6 Gang/Squad Requirements and Assignments : Admins decide that
    Level 6 Gang/Squad Rewards : Normal level 5 weapons + more ammo, more spawn skins or spawn, more gang vehicles, and the ultimate reward is not certain, it needs more ideas
    Ideas that can be the real reward for level 6 said by people : (only one of will be the reward, if you have ideas post below)
    Make them able to buy armor from ammo nation for super expensive
    Double pistol/uzi/sawn off (only one of them)
    (so if those ideas seems unfair or will ruin the server maybe these can be added) Add another base and a spawn there (for only HQs) and
    a few more organisation panel ranks

    Idk about level 7 It has to be talked on it and its existence

    Share your opinions but plz dont roast me ! I will add the reward idea I like

  • Rocket Launcher?
    Alright then for squads i want to get Nuclear Submarine to bomb gangs bases

  • @dufabo man I couldnt find a better reward for level 6, It should have been crazy cuz It's level 6 : D

  • @scripter rocket lancher xD
    armor is better

  • @clashgamer yeah armor is cool

  • Rocket launcher ain't good idea

  • @harb yeah clashgamer's armor idea is better so I changed

  • 6's reward could be two handed pistol but level 6 is no need.

  • Maybe make the lvl 6 g/s able to have another spawn? Let's maybe say i.e SAFP have it's base in LV and they got a HQ in LS then you can be able to spawn at the base and at the HQ

  • @chief yeah another good idea

  • Let level 6 have hydra and hunters.. maybe rhinos as well??

    Shut up

  • @m7mod said in More Gang/Squad Levels:

    Let level 6 have hydra and hunters.. maybe rhinos as well??

    Shut up

    Let's join clo better

  • imo only additional skins, mapping file increasement (but not too much as it can really put pressure on streaming if mapped inappropriately) and such are really needed. can't really argue that you need more ammo when you already spawn with around 300 at level 5.

    vehicles etc. aren't needed for the most part, reasons being they're slow and will ultimately cause streaming issues due to the old engine mta uses.
    with that being said I support higher levels but not necessarily ending at 6, also a few more organisation panel ranks would be neat as a side note

  • @m7mod lol... I didn't say something like add minigun with 10000 ammo and have hunters in base or something like that, if level 6 exists It would be too hard to achieve so there should be a good reward for it. Instead of finding mistakes try to suggest a reward, just say yes or no and leave.

  • @tut-greco yeah maybe you are right. it can just be for contention between squads/gangs or for more prizes. some crazy rewards can not be added maybe, but I still support the idea of increasing level amount of 1 or 2

  • This has been suggested loads of times, and i believe GM was working on it years ago but never got any official statement bout it, but yea, there should definitely be more levels for squads and gangs

  • @Nemesis @Apollo @Kain Were the suggestions denied or is it still on progress ??

  • How to change my personal vote, cause I pressed yes and figured out I made a huge mistake for not reading that part very well.

    "Make them able to buy armor from ammo nation for super expensive
    Double pistol/uzi/sawn off"

  • First of all, don't press YES (or NO) before reading everything on the topic. Secondly, you can agree on more levels to organizations but not on buying armor and stuff.

  • Definetily a good idea,which could lead to bigger activity and playing time since as a squad/gang you have to put more effort in,to get higher level. I dont know about 5th lvl squads,gangs but I think for the largest ones,most active ones the 5th lvl is kinda boring,since you can't achieve anything more than that.