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    Here we are, Croatia. Media has taken over, everybody follows the blind path, not trying to make their own, and not seeing what is in front of their eyes. That's probably the reason why we are so fucked up. Let's just say that if you want to be 1%, and we aren't talking about something unknown, we are talking about those who are unknown. Those who control everything, money, government, education, even largest corporations. Those who are behind everything that goes on in the world. Well you won't make it that simple. But being from where we are, didn't stop us from achieving our goals. Everyone wants what is best for them. Right?

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    Palermo, Italy.

    Year 1999. United Stated of America was on their feet. Reason was, few convicts that were sentenced for life in Texas State Penitentiary, escaped. While USA government was looking for them, they were far away from America. Palermo airport in Italy, to be precise. How rude of me I didn't let you know my name and for the sake of me escaping from TSP lets call me Kodiak. When we landed on airport, security man prosecuted us towards black car. While saying us I meant on two other fellows that I worked with in America, and for the same reason as mine let’s give them nicknames for this story. One of them was called Edenger and the other one was Ceca.

    -      Ragionare? Man asked us.

    -   Since nobody was familiar with Italian language nobody answered.

    -      Then again he asked; Reason?

    Of course he was curious about our time in American prison. Edenger started talking.

    -  We were small organization who was involved in prostitution, money laundering and weapon dealing. So one day from nowhere, someone snitched us out to FBI. While we didn't know about actions that FBI was taking on us we got surrounded and forced to turn ourselves in. While we were at court, we thought that they don't have anything on us, but as a matter of fact, they kept their eyes on us for quite some time. The rest you probably know.

    The man stayed quiet.

    After few minutes we got out of the car, and we were sat on another plane. Not knowing where we are heading. On plane we meet with one businessman, he welcomed us and said that we are going where everything started and told us to not ask anything. As soon he said that we thought that's fucking it, we got caught again and we shall be executed by USA government. After not that much hours, like 3-4 we landed. I thought to myself no way that we are already in America.

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    Split, Croatia.

    Kind man on plane told us we have arrived. SUV was waiting on us; we got in and drove to luxurious hotel right near the coastline. One the terrace was familiar face, our old friend Deadshot.

    -     Dobrodošli kući. Deadshot said.

    -     Hvala prijatelju stari. All three of us thanked him.

    I never thought that I'll be this happy once I get back to my country. Without hesitation we sat down and talked about everything. We told him everything about our arrest and everything that happened in America. As we were talking, Ceca asked Deadshot.

    -     A tko ti je ovaj čovjek koji nas je dopratio do tvog hotela?

    -    To je Tantawy, jedan od najbogatijih ljudi iz Egipta i ujedno jako dobar prijatelj. Come sit with us Tantawy. – Deadshot said.

    At that moment Deadshot told us that he has a business for us. Even though we were locked up because of the „business“ we were interested.

    -   What business do you have on mind? – Edenger asked curiously.

    - You only need to say are you in or not? – Deadshot added.

    As we knew that he saved us and of course he will ask for favor in return we had to say yes to the job.

    -          Great! Now go get some sleep we are going early in the morning. – Deadshot said.

    Around 7:00 AM, we were woken up and driven to airport. There were two of not familiar faces.

    -          Jutro gospodo. Ime mi je Psak.

    -      Good morning my name is Bartek.

    Deadshot told us that they were part of the plan as well. So we sat on Deadshots private plane and headed for San Andreas, California to meet up with few close friends of his. Those guy were Daster, Velona and Anarchy, old crew from Turkey mafia branch in San Andreas. They were crucial to Deadshots plan to start with creation of biggest organized crime syndicate that world had ever seen.

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    -        San Andreas, California - Year 2002.

    After few months Deadshots organization took over illegal actions all around San Andreas. Theirs work was strictly business, no strings attached. Over those few months money that Edenger, Ceca and I had doubled and working as businessman over the day, and illegal organization overnight gave us place in top 1% and name Black Syndicate.

    Konkurecije više nema. Sada mi preuzimamo. – Deadshot said.


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    • Black Syndicate is one of largest organized crime syndicates in San Andreas. We run our operations in Las Venturas, San Fierro and Los Santos, from drugs and arms trafficking to simple illegal transportation, Black Syndicate is dealing with everything. In public we present our self as successful business mans running legal corporations and companies. Those legal businesses are just a cover and great way to launder our money which we make on illegal ways.

    • Black Syndicate is ruthless in making their deals and business,  what ever happens we will be the ones with better outcome. All members of our organization do their jobs by our most important rule "We give our offer only once". Success is the only thing we look for and that's the only thing that matters in this organization.  We climbed to the top of criminal ladder in SA and we plan to stay there for a very long time.

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    Here below the gang rules:

    • We appreciate players who are able to follow rules, that's why you should read and try to follow SAES rules ( F1 )

    • Mainly in gang there are higher ranks when you join, listen what they have to say and don't be annoying

    • Deathmatching is forbidden by the server rules, that's why we are also listing it on our own rules.

    • Avoiding arrest is also forbidden by the server rules, so same as DM it's forbidden also in Black Syndicate

    • We don't appreciate people who don't speak their mind and later on feel ignored or disowned by their own fellow teammates, that's why we encourage you to speak when we are having discussion, even if you are lvl0

    • Remember this is only a game, don't take stuff too serious, if someone is provoking you just tell him to shut the fuck up, easy as that. No need to argue over in mainchat. Or make an party and speak there.

    • You are always allowed to spawn as a police man while being a part of Black Syndicate, just put Cop.yourname while playing as cop. Don't bust our allied organisations.

    • You are not obliged to roleplay with anyone if you are busy, but it would be nice to do at least 5 roleplays per month.

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    Full name: Black Syndicate

    Gang Tag: BS| & Syndicate.

    Gang Money: $

    Date of creation: 19.11.2014

    Motto: "We give our offer only once!"

    Alliance:  The Company & The Outfit & Underground Empire

    Founder of the gang:  @Deadshot

    Leader of the gang:  @Tantawy

    Vice Leader of the gang:  @Marwan

    High Council: @SuperStar

    Council: @Daglow @Steve. @DeNiSs @#Ramos @<MeZoO>

    Inactive High Council: @Edenger @CeCa @Psak007 @Bartek @Kodiak

    Member Count: 55

    Inactive Members: 10

    Color: #493d26

    Level: 5

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    Black Syndicate Notorious Ranks
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    Level 5

    • Chancellor ( L )

    He's in charge of the gang and he's the one that leads both of the councils as well as the main representative of the gang. Chancellor is the face of our legal businesses and he is most influential member.

    Level 4

    • Vice Leader ( VL )

    Vice leader is replacement for leader when he's not online.

    • High Council ( HC )

    People right under the chairman. They sort most risky gang problems and do most of the gangs management. This includes keeping relations with other gangs and deciding about promotions and demotions. Also they take suggestions from the normal council.

    • Fiduciary ( F )

    This rank is for most trusted and loyal member of Black Syndicate. Respected members are not part of any council but they enjoy almost all benefits as members of High Council. All other members should respect them for all the things they had done for this organization since they joined. This rank is for the retired members of our organisation.


    Black Syndicate Ranks
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    Level 3

    • Council (C)

    Thier job is to be in contact with all organization associates or members and take care of any minor problems. Council sorts smaller reports and take suggestions from members. They send bigger things up to High Council, they also do everything within knowledge of High Council.

    • Commission ( CM )

    This rank is goal of every new member.  Its highest rank that member can get before being invited to Fiduciary or becoming honored. It can be earn by working hard and contribution to our family on any possible way. Commission is a gateway to becoming Black Syndicate Notorious.

    Level 1 & 2

    Level 2

    Members of Syndicate

    People that understand our organisation and its structure. These are members that prove their loyalty and working on their way up. We offer them protection of all kinds and in return they spread our word and trying to bring this organisation in top. Some of the jobs that we offer are following :

    • Hoodlum (HO)

    Ruthless and cold people who do worst and hardest jobs for this organization. They are best fighters and gunners in Black Syndicate. When they are send on missions, its guaranteed success. Most of them became part of our organization at young age and they were trained by us.

    • Informant (I)

    Informants are Black Syndicate "Agents", they are constantly on field gathering important information, following somebody and making sure that there is no threat for Black Syndicate jobs.

    Level 1

    • Mobster (M)

    Mobsters are typical gangsters. They are mostly following and protecting higher ranked members of Black Syndicate. While not serving higher ranked members, they usually take care of jobs with high importance.

    • Transporter (TR)

    Transporters are best drivers that Black Syndicate has. They transport illegal goods all over SA or do any kind of job that involves skilled driving.  Very important part of this organization.

    Level 0

    Newly invited people & people that has proven us their loyalty but it's not yet time for full promotion.

    • Associates ( A )

    Associates are guys who showed that they are real material for Black Syndicate. They take care of racketeering and blackmailing jobs. If they are not collecting money from people that owe to Black Syndicate, they are tasked with guarding BS assets.

    • Probation / Crook ( BS*| )

    Potential member of Black Syndicate. Crooks are new guys that are interested in joining our organization. They are not allowed to do anything on their own and they are strictly controlled by other members. Most of the time they just serve as support for others.


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    = NOTORIOUS  =

    Level 5

    • Chancellor ( L )


    Level 4

    • Vice Leader ( VL )


    • High Council ( HC )


    • Fiduciary ( F )







    Level 3

    • Council ( C






    Level 1 & 2

    Members of Syndicate ( S )

















    @Carpo *





    @kevka01 *

    Level 0

    • Associates ( A )





    @Pablo Escobar



    @Gimix *

    @Terguerre *

    @Bears *

    @BOSSak *

    @Nik0 *











    • Probation ( BS*| )

    alt text

    • All Black Syndicate events and other activities can be found at :


    • All Black Syndicate roleplays can be found at :


    • Some videos : 
      "will be added soon"

    alt text

    • You need to be at least 13 years old, because we believe that younger player can be immature and having bad attitude, but exception can be made always.

    • You need to be sure that you understood every single rule of gang and server.

    • You need to be able to do role-plays on your own with other gangs/squads.

    • Please be patient, your were will be given in shortest time possible, being inpatient will result in denied.

    • If you apply for Black Syndicate and in same time for some other gang/squad/company, consider yourself denied and if that happens more than once, then don’t even consider applying again for Black Syndicate because you'll be perm denuded.

    • Try to write your own application because our HQ team will know if you copied anything from other application

    • If you get answered pending or under review don’t  think you're in, that means you need to hang out as much as you can and prove that you are worthy and that you have quality to be in gang

    - Hanging with us before applying is very useful and much respected by Black Syndicate members.

    - Liars won't be tolerated! If we find that you lied in your application however good it is, you'll get perm denied because of our policy is strict and clear, and we'll keep it like that how for long we can.

    • After being denied you have to wait at least 2 weeks before reapplying

    If you understood all our requirements and you are fully aware of them you are free to write YOUR OWN application !

    Application is under spoiler, GOOD LUCK !

    Note: Answers are not allowed to be bolded, underlined, in weird font and color.

    ##spoiler==NSFW content

    Ingame username:

    Nationality & Age :

    Previous Punishments :

    Previous organizations you've been in and reason why you left them :

    Explain us our role in your own words :

    Why would you like to join BS and how can you benefit us? :

    Note: Application answers are not allowed to be painted, bolded or underlined.

    ACCEPTED - If we answer your application with this, that means that we found your application good enough for giving you a chance to join BS. But this answer doesn't mean you will get instant invite, you will have to do a talk with HQ member so we can confirm that you didn't copied application or that somebody else wrote it for you. It's a small test with few questions.

    PENDING - If we answer your application with this, that means your application was kind of good but still you should spent more time with BS members. Also that doesn't mean only HQ members, feel free to ask any full member for hanging out. After some time, we will decide if you deserve a test and a chance. Test will consider driving, shooting and questions parts. You need to pass all 3 to join us.

    UNDER REVIEW - We are still not sure about you. Your application was neither good nor bad and we will take some time to get an answer for you. Be sure to keep hanging with BS members for this time. There is no way to get accepted after this only denied or pending.

    DENIED - Your application was bad and you didn't put enough effort in it. You can get permanent denied or just temporary denied. With permanent deny you won’t have any chance in joining as and you are blacklisted, don't even try to hang with us. If you get temporary deny, you can still hang with us and maybe apply again after some time.

    alt text

  • Nickname: Brooks

    Ingame username: stevieg

    Nationality & Age : Tunisia - 16

    Previous Punishments : My  last punishment was 6 months ago , when i killed a cop who isn't chasing me

    Previous organizations you've been in and reason why you left them : VLA/ Dead

    • CripZ /Kicked :a HQ told me to don't enter safes zone during BR but i entered by mistake
    • CDC / left : well i really had passed a great time there , i offered my loyalty and maturity ..etc. when: i got a respectable rank there i felt like many of them became ignoring me anyways , i didn't find my comfortable so i left.

    Explain us our role in your own words :  Black Syndicate is one of the largest and biggest gang around SA , they do their operations and business in LV , LS and SF , they sell illegal drugs and they work on arms trafficking  . all this businesses doing by Black syndicate under the banner " We give our offer only once "

    Why would you like to join BS and how can you benefit us? : Well , i really like BS members in my opinion they are skilled and experieced enough to speaks about their family . Besides i'm a respectfu player , i can offer my loyalty , maturity and activities to BS . In conclusion, i think i'm the right person who can benefits BS

  • ...

  • Nickname: Jengus or Jenga

    Ingame username: Jengus

    Nationality & Age : USA 20

    Previous Punishments : None

    Previous organizations you've been in and reason why you left them : None

    Explain us our role in your own words : You guys are a group of very helpful and experienced people. You guys work everywhere and get the job done right. You are one of the largest group/gang out there.

    Why would you like to join BS and how can you benefit us? :I feel like I can get a lot of experience in your group/gang. I am a good driver so I can be useful. I meet two people from Black Syndicate and they helped me out, even though they didn't know me. I feel like you guys are very helpful, like I am. I feel like Black Syndicate is a right place for me; and I'm a right person for Black Syndicate.

  • @Jengus Hello man,
    You've posted your application on wrong topic, Re-post it here please & Thanks!

  • Nickname:Andrew (Not a nickname it's my real name)

    Ingame username:Andrew

    Nationality & Age : USA, age 19

    Previous Punishments : got Admin jailed for dm someone who steal my car and modding it.

    Previous organizations you've been in and reason why you left them : SS - Suicide Squad well i didn't left they shut it down.

    Explain us our role in your own words :
    A Organization who do a lots of business to keep their organization up running for example transport services, drugs , arms , blackmailing , illegal gambling prostitucion.
    Why would you like to join BS and how can you benefit us? : i will like join BS cause you guys inspired me to never give up even when you got the the law inforcements on your back 😃 i will benefit you guys by standing out to others that don't know about you guys organization and get them to join.

  • @Legendary4Life Hello man,
    You've posted your application on wrong topic, Re-post it here please & Thanks!

  • nickname: AymenjO68
    Ingame username:AymenjO68
    Nationality & Age: tunisia 17
    Previous Punishments: 2 adminjail reason DM when i'm begginer
    previous organizations you've been in and reason why you left them: none!
    Explain us our role in your own words:You are the true meaning of all kinds of crime
    Why would you like to join BS and how can you benefit us: i see the Mystery in BS thats why i like it and i want to improve myself in BS


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  • @ζ-Sadio They are taking applications in the new topic as far as I know, https://saesrpg.uk/topic/433/black-syndicate-official-topic?page=1

  • sry then

  • long live the legends ❤