Application for BRINKS Transporting Division - xleepy - 24/11/2021

  • SECTION A - General Information

    In-game Nickname: xleepy
    In-game Username: xleepy
    Are you on Discord? If yes, what is your username?: xleepy
    Have you joined the BRINKS Discord server?: Yes

    Current Gang/Squad: San Andreas Federal Police (SAFP)
    What is your level & rank in your current gang/squad?: I am level 0, login recently

    Previous Gangs/Squads: Military intelligence team (MIT)

    How good is your English? (?/10): (1/10)
    How active are you in-game? (?/10): (5/10)

    SECTION B - Skills Information

    Rate your driving knowledge (?/10): (6/10)
    Rate your driving skills (?/10): (6-7/10)
    How many deliveries have you successfully completed till now? [/stats]: 22 Delibery
    Have you read all rules in regards to Money Transporting? Yes
    Write down 3 rules about the Money Transporter spawn:
    1- Follow server rules and respect all SAES members.
    2- Respect and follow orders from superior members in BRINKS.
    3- Don't destroy the armoured vans to avoid being stolen.

    SECTION C – Additional Information

    Why would you like to join the Transporter division? Because I would like to be part of the people who transport money from banks.
    Why did you decide to choose the transporter division instead of the security division? I don't feel capable of taking care of the armored truck, I feel safer transporting money

    In a spoiler, place a picture of an armoured van/truck loading up money for transporting in real life:

  • alt text

    Dear @xleepy ,

    Thank you for your application at BRINKS. After a discussion with HQ and voting from other BRINKS members, we have decided to Accept you.

    You have been placed in the Transporting group. Good luck and welcome on board.

    With Regards,
    Security Manager Rieeria

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