reporting Mrsolrac

  • well i was sniping someone and solrac parked on me , as I think everything is clear in the video and i want a fair punishment for him regardless of his position. Because it's obviously wasn't a mistake and that's not the first time he use that trick to to kill others. He should have thought of what could go wrong.


  • As I said ingame, you were not under the truck on my screen
    And as you can see in your video you can appreciate how I was shooting to the other side of the truck

  • You keep doing this everytime and you even killed me with the same trick 2 mins after this happened. It's not my problem if i am not under your truck on your screen.
    Im not here to take responsibility for your mistakes

  • Your video clearly shows the desync that happens. He hits you then shoots the roof of the truck. It's just desync in a 2002 game, you're stretching trying to pull this off as a report.

  • I wonder if i can convince the admins with this excuse if i was the rulebreaker or end up getting an instant adminjail

  • I would expect that if you did this once someone wouldn't run to report you.

    I would expect that if you make the claim this happens all the time, you would provide more than one instance.

    I wouldn't punish a player with a clean punishment history for what appears to be a desync mistake, Solrac falls into that category.

    If you could prove repeated instances where it isn't in question, it's a different story, but based on the one instance you've provided here I think it clearly looks like desync.

    No action taken.

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