hamzahamedi's Ban Appeal

  • Nickname: hamzahamedi
    Username: i forgot
    Ban Date: 2020-01-10
    Banned By: bann evasion auto bann
    Serial: E448336E45416AC209265E000CEA3144
    Ban Reason: bann evasion 😢 i not guilty
    Why should we unban you:

    well i think iam not guilty to deserve this ban i know its my bad because i approved to my brother to use my own laptop and i was wrong
    i enjoyed playing in this server about year ago or less then that i cant remember for real (" ban date in up is wrong because idont remember when i got banned" ) and i want to join back this community and thnx

    ("" i forgot my username and password if you can recover them to me """)
    (" sorry about my english if i wrote word wrong in this appeal or smth like that")

  • This post is deleted!