UNSOLVED [QoL] Disable wanted level penalty for medics

  • Disable wanted level penalty when players jump down onto your ambulance - I had plenty of moments, where a player jumps towards my ambulance and I receive two wanted levels as a penalty from him doing so. It would be great if that penalty could be disabled for medic class.

  • This happens to everyone not only paramedics, when someone jumps into your car/plane you get wanted level
    I dont know if this is a bug or it works like this

  • I think it works like this when a player gets ran over, even if it only happens on that player's screen and not the driver's due to poor sync. Although that's just speculation.

  • Player gets damage - > Cause of damage = Vehicle, Give wanted stars to driver of vehicle.

    It's indeed problematic for paramedics because this happens quite often and trainees will come after you.