UNSOLVED [FEATURE] Spawnable medic bags

  • Add spawnable medic bags, which heal players in a rather small radius around them - either with or without a medic player in close proximity ot the medic bag. This change would add another variation to the rather relaxed and slightly boring gameplay as a medic.

  • This can be easily abused by player and its useless as we already have vending machines and resturants but i'd say yes only if a paramedic can access it

  • Well, I wasn't clear enough, but I meant this to be a medic-class only thing.

  • i think the both side will abuse it ( Abusers will be happy for that :hype: )

  • I don't see why you'd tweak or change a script that is working fine at the moment. Instead of wasting time on this, devs could work on stuff that actually require attention.