(Para-)medic gameplay suggestions

  • Hello SAES community,

    since I started playing on the server very recently, and I already accumulated close to 30 ingame hours, there are three things I would propose to be changed with regards to gameplay as a medic class:

    • Spawnable medic bags, which heal players in a rather small radius around them - either with or without a medic player in close proximity ot the medic bag. This change would add another variation to the rather relaxed and slightly boring gameplay as a medic.
    • Pair driving in an ambulance vehicle should distribute the income from healing damaged players to each medic class player in the vehicle. This should make the gameplay closer to real-life situations and resolves the issue when two or more medics arrive at the scene (of a robbery).
    • Disable wanted level penalty when players jump down onto your ambulance - I had plenty of moments, where a player jumps towards my ambulance and I receive two wanted levels as a penalty from him doing so. It would be great if that penalty could be disabled for medic class.


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