• @sherap2-0 just accept the fact that no one wants to play copside with you in it

    maybe think of a career change ok?

  • @sherap2-0 said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    @durby said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    In real life, cops do not put spikes in front of racers who are about to race and shoot their cars with M4 Carbine rifles to stop them from racing.

    In real life, gang members dont become cop to bribe others gang members.

    @durby said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    use your role as a police officer within the borders of the server rules to try and stop them

    Crimminals saying how cops should act. Thats funny. I will repeat just for you because i liked your nickname : There is not way to 5 cops stop a BR against 25/30 crims. Thats why we cant make crimminal side more easy.. we need attract newbies in the server to cop side.

    @durby said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    Don't just spawn as another class/quit the game.

    Do you have proofs against me doing this ? No ? So stay quiet. When you to see me doing this , just admjail me.

    @durby said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    Try to get them during the race

    Read my last post before posting here.

    @durby said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    You suck the joy out of everything EVERYONE does in the server and think that you're the only perfect thing on this server? You really have to change your perspective on this or I'm gonna start to think that your brain capacity is at a so low level, you can not comprehend what Jay, Groove or anyone has been saying at this point.

    Respect me.Insulting a hated player isnt the best way to promote yourself in front of SAES HQ. You can to show your value by hard-working in the server ( dealing reports, helping newbies in the server, etc... )

    if you could stay your mouth shut.....

  • @sherap2-0 See? not everything that's done in the server is considered ok RP-wise. Because as I said earlier, RPG server not RP.

    As far as the 2nd argument, 5 professional cops can easily weaken, if not stop, a BR. Instead of constantly complaining about how your side is dead. Try to be friendly and fun against people in the server and not fuck with them and expect "respect". It is partly in your hands to promote the side you're playing on and attract new player. You should quit whining and come up with unique ways to stop a BR, or interrupt any criminal activity in an ethical way.

    As far as the 3rd argument, I've infact seen you change spawns to avoid a BR. Just today you switched to the Police Officer spawn to reduce the cop count to 9 so RF could not BR. If I cared so much about your pathetic actions to stop a br, I'd take the necessary proof and indeed adminjail you. But you're not worth my time unless you break the server rules in another way. You've made that clear to me in our encounters during last week.

    And as far as the last argument, do not expect respect, or a friendly approach from anyone in this server while you act extremely retarded. You will claim that what you do is not against the rules, I know. But doing stuff the server allows doesn't mean that what you do is always ethically reasonable. There's a line for certain things and if you cross it people are not going to respect you. And as far as "insulting" you;

    I did not, in any shape or form, insult you in my previous response. I merely stated that if you're unable to see the point that the majority of the server point out towards you, your brain capacity must be lower than an average human being. That is not an insult. I have no desire or intention to "show myself to the SAES HQ's". I undertake the responsibilities which I've volunteered and applied for to the best of my ability and the rest is not my concern. I'm not a suck up or an asslicker.

  • @sherap2-0 I still dont understand how you can be so egocentric about cop side having to win instead of having activity that brings fun and adrenaline to everyone. If you dont like the gameplay just let the rest have fun and thats it, if you dont have the balls to actually play your role as cop then you shouldnt play that at all

  • Sherap, congratulations on your uncanny ability to take something that is not all about you and make it all about you.

    Everything you said has nothing to do with the suggestion itself, why don't you give it a rest and come back when you actually answer with useful feedback?

    You're not really seeing the whole picture, which is that you will never be facing dozens of criminals on your own. You still have teammates, and if your teammates aren't able to success on stopping a Bank Robbery / Store Robbery and whatnot, then call it a day and go on with your life. You're so deep inside your rotten brain that you think all criminals should stay with 0 stars, and that's just wrong.

    About the suggestion, I do think the cops required should still be mandatory. The only change I would make is making SQUAD MEMBERS spawned as trainees or ProCops to be counted as part of the police required for the Bank Robbery, that's the only thing. Not so hard to do and to be fair, not a crazy idea.

  • Today = 10 squad members online spawned as squad members

    If this suggestion gets accepted = 10 squad members online ( spawned or no )

    Months ahead = crims will suggest to decrease 10 squad members to 7 and then 5 .. 4 ...3... until to kill the cop side.

    This suggestion is the first of many stages to make the cop side more and more and more inactive.

  • @sherap2-0 said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    I have to ask you, are you even having fun when you join?


    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    Is it fun for you to camp race flags and stop them from happening?

    It is not about fun. It is my role/work... i must prevent illegal events ( SR,BR,Turf,Races) as cop. Fulfill my role is my fun.

    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    Or would it be more fun if you allowed them to start and chased them during the race?

    Racers become " invisible " after the race to start so i cant shoot at their cars. Come in-game to see the real server situation before posting here. You are embarrassing.

    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    Is it fun for you to see and prevent a BR from ever happening or is it more fun to try and stop it once it starts?

    Imagine 5 cops responding to a BR against 25 defenders ( this what is happening nowadays ).Thats why we need to respond before BR to start. Come in-game and you will know it.

    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    If you camp raceflags then you are stopping 10 people from doing that activity,

    It is my role. Should I leave the crims alone in a SR/BR ? No ? The same goes to race flags. If there are 10 racers they can call their friends to kill me while the race doesnt start.

    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    I am honestly not sure if you are seriously this stupid

    Im not disrespecting you so dont disrespect me.

    @jay said in [CHANGE] BR Rules:

    But, one thing I am sure of is if this is the attitude that you have then that "pls final chance pls" from your last ban appeal won't work on your next.

    I would prefer to be banned than to see mindsets like yours killing the cop side.
    " this server ultimately doesn't need cops to survive. " Jay, 2021.

    Racers do not become "invisible". Collisions are disabled so long as they are participating for the duration of the race, meaning they can't be rammed but they can still be shot at. I know this isn't the best thing when you are riding solo as a cop, but the best thing for both sides is if you freely camp the race flags as you wish but you actually allow them to start. Then all it takes is for you to follow them for the race and chase them after. That way the racers get what they want and you can have your chase/arrests after. That produces gameplay for both sides, instead of you preventing it from happening in the most toxic way you can think.

    Those "5 cops against 25 crims" in a BR is still gameplay for both sides. Not to mention any non squads who wish to attend as well (who might be applying for you own squad?!). Allow the BR to start, then try and stop it and/or chase them after. Again, everyone gets the gameplay they want. No ones asking for less than 10 squads, nor would that ever be approved while the numbers for criminals remain this high.

    I've also (privately) suggested a hell of a lot of suggestions for the police side than you would think over my years here, and have also suggested overpowered things to be removed. What those things are, are completely irrelevant although I can provide you a list if you don't believe me. So this whole "you want to kill the cop side" is just your way of saying that you don't have a defense or logical argument of why you are the worst cop we have on the server.


  • Bump?

  • I might be a little bit late but yeah ..
    Imma start with @sherap2-0 .. How on earth you find it fun to ruin other players fun and gameplay ? It's obviously everyone is against you while you still act like Rambo against everyone else
    For god sake stop with that attitude and mentality
    Also you been saying get a proof of me spawning as another class to avoid a br
    Here you go Mr.Sherap, you are literally asking another cop to respawn to avoid a BR which ofc you find it fun and make us cops usefull on the server:
    alt text
    alt text
    I hope you finally refrain on being a retard and grow some balls and let everyone enjoy the game, thank you

    Back to subject, I been a cop for almost two years reducing the amount of cops required to start a br or making the 5-10 minutes thing is bad to be honest to us we all know the fact sometimes only 1-5 cops responding to BR's which makes it less challenging to both sides so i'm against it
    In another hand since i went to the dark side and tried it few days ago and I've seen how much pain in ass it takes to get the 10 cops and gather up to start it therefore I'd say every PC/Squad member should count no matter what he is spawned as.

    PS: you crims should be faster you take 15min's+ gathering in AP and expect cops to not know about it 😑

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  • Thanks for this suggestion.

    We are currently looking into this and will post a topic about it later today.

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