• Gang members are cracking in PBR's to get money when there are less than 10 officials online. So when there are 10 cops online, they do a BR with their gang.

    There were PBR's happening with 4/5 cops online...

    I suggest to create a rule that only allow crimminals do PBR when there are 10 officials online like normal Gang BR's.

  • No

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  • Good idea!

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    PBRs if this "suggestion" gets accepted

  • Following this logic, we might as well delete bankrobs altogether. People wait in game for hours just to reach that magical 10. At least there won't be more drama of criminals not being able to BR / cops respawning as prison wardens in SF to stop BRs from starting.

    On a more serious note, no. This is not a good idea - it kills the only activity that's even close to gang BRs. Besides, you can only do those every 6 hours IIRC.

  • Cop side is dead, but it's not needed to finish the criminal side too.

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  • hahahahahahah

    i can bet your next suggestion will be to delete the server and honestly, it'd be a lot better suggestion than this one.

  • I dont often participate in BRs or Public BRs, however it is a struggle as a criminal organisation to plan a BankRob accordingly. Especially with the current Police activity. To further reduce the robbery options on the bank by increasing the minimum spawned officer for a Public BR doesn't seem like the right plan in this case.

    Instead of trying to increase the minimum amount of cops needed for these activities, we as a whole, should focus on increasing the activity on the Policing side of the server. Some are already working on this by creating thier own squad. Some people are capable of being a police officer, but are not included in a "Official Squad" & hence do not count towards this (Public) BR number.

    Perhaps we could get some groups involved like SAi, PC, etc. ( Quick idea ) Not all of the members there may be part of a official Squad, but it could help towards the activities around a BankRob/Public BR or U name it.

    To further raise the Police activity, some further actions should be considered. Open for discussion.

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  • Want the truth cops side dead from so long cause no new in server and all know why !!
    And crime side now is dying, see how many gangs rip level 5 or 4 or less so sherap what you want really cause all time i see you suggest anything feel like you just want to end server fast

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    From this weekend. Please, there are barely any players left on the server, let them have some fun while it lasts.

  • A very very very big NO
    Last summer I stood awake all night till 4 am waiting for the PBR to start, I won't let 600k-400k go away this easily.
    These days I noticed that gangs are literally BEGGING cops to logging and that really sucks and pathetic, as written above this reply, Approving this suggestion would be the same thing as deleting PBR system.

  • No to this from me as well, PBR isn't related to specific gangs or get included in HLS results. Therefore are just another server event like SR, I would rather have my suggestion which I put inside the other topic.

  • No

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