Comando Da Capital
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    1991 - Police Violence was so high that the MP of São Paulo was responsible for 25% of deaths in the year 1991-1992

    October, 1992 - Carandiru Massacre: The rebellion began with a fight between inmates in Hall 9 of the House of Detention. The intervention of the Military Police, led by Colonel Ubiratan Guimarães, had as justification calm the rebellion, but eventually achieve a true massacre site. Survivors say the death toll is higher than reported and that the police were shooting at prisoners who had surrendered or were hiding in their cells. None of the sixty-eight police officers involved in the massacre was killed. The prosecution of the trial of Colonel Ubiratan rated the intervention as "disastrous and ill-prepared" 111 prisoners were cruelly executed.

    August, 1992 - CDC was founded by eight inmates at the House of Detention Annex Taubaté The CDC, which was also named as a party in the beginning of the Crime stated that he intended to "combat oppression within the prison system São Paulo" and "avenge the death of one hundred and eleven inmates", on October 2 1992 in "Carandiru massacre", when the military police killed prisoners in Pavilion 9 of the defunct House of Detention São Paulo.

    February, 2001 - The Comando Da Capital (CDC) challenged the state government and promoted rebellions in 24 prisons The order of the rebellion came from prisoners considered the second step of the CDC, collected in Hall 8 of the House of Detention and the State Penitentiary. On Saturday morning, the phone, the representatives of the other prisons CDC received a determination that the rebellion should start between 12 hours and 12.30. The acting governor, Geraldo Alckmin, said the state would not allow organized crime to dominate the prison system in reprisal for the transfer, the House of Detention, the main leaders of the group.

    Acts of organized violence in Brazil in 2006 - Started on the night of May 12, the biggest wave of violence against security forces ever heard in the history of Brazil. On day 14, the strike had spread to other states of Brazil, as Espírito Santo, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais and Bahia (the latter without a direct connection with the CDC). The attacks have taken a giant impact in the Brazilian media, which added to the lack of information from the government of São Paulo and huge sensationalism of the press, and various unfounded rumors, eventually cause general panic and climate of terror in the population.

    Attacks - The attacks occurred in the city of São Paulo, in São Paulo The 251 attacks recorded early on, included rebellions in 73 prisons, Provisional Detention Center and 9 chains in public capital. Greater São Paulo, interior and coastline. On the evening of day 14, 53 units were arrested rebellious simultaneously. Were registered attempts to rescue prisoners. Ninety buses were burned.

    CDC and the state of San Andreas - After intense war against the police, many commands have fled the country and spread throughout latin america. The most ambitious received help from Mexican coyotes to enter the U.S., the state of san andreas specifically. needing money committed various crimes and were soon arrested, making alliances with local criminals, quickly Born the CDC in the state of SA.

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    Our objective: Our objective is to invest our money in combat supplies so we can properly execute our missions. These missions variate from scenario, f.e; robberies, turfwars, theft, kidnapping etc. We deem it's an good investment due to the huge sum of money we collect after each mission we complete. We use this money to maintain control over the state's prison system, facilitating inmates who're part of our cartel.
    Arms trafficking: Another source of money we get out of armstrafficking, weaponry bought from large scales suppliers and we resell with profit. Though we make a huge profit out of it, our price is 50% lower than a legit Ammunation.
    Illegal narcotics: Due to the informants we have within our organization we're able to get our hands on huge shipments of narcotics. Our informats are active within the underground world and their job is to notify us when there's a suspicious load going to moved. We interrupt these load and we sell these narcotics to local drug dealers in Las Colinas for a fair price. Due to the low price we offer it sells fast, dealers feel confident that they're making good profit, it basically benefits both sides.
    Vehicle theft & assembly: Our men are specialized in vehicle theft and vehicle modification, it's one of the things we do for a living. We divide our specialists in 2 catergories, carjackers & mechanics. Our carjackers move out and seek for rare vehicle items and take to our garage where we have our employed mechanics who assembles the vehicles and makes it legit by modifying its chassis or product number.
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    Date founded: January 06, 2016
    Re-opened: Sptembre 26, 2021
    Gang Level: 0
    ➪ Current gang money: $420,000,000
    Gang color: #80002a
    Tags: [CDC]Name|Rank - Member / [CDC]Name* - Probationary
    Our Motto: Peace, Justice and Freedom!
    Gang Panel: Comando_da_Capital
    Leader and Vice Leader: @killer & @proton
    HQ Team: @cenadoloko
    Media Archive:

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    Comando da Capital Base:
    This is our base where we gather to meet and decide plans, among of all the gang
    This place is also used to resolve issues involving money

    CDC Meeting Restaurant :
    This is a private restaurant, which is under ownership of the gang, here members can meet to snack and discuss personal interests

    CDC Drugs Den :
    Currently, our primary means of drug trade this in the city of Los Santos, but do drug sales in other cities also
    This site is used for the illegal trade in the city of San Fierro, where the seller meets the buyer for the sale to be made.

    CDC Drugs Deposit :
    This is a major drug hiding places where we store the drugs already produced and ready for sale.

    CDC HQ :
    This is a place holder for gang leaders to discuss improvements to the gang, and punishments for members who commit failures
    This is Also a local reservation if the police discover our base in los santos, we already have an idea to move to Las Venturas

    CDC Warehouse:
    This is the special warehouse of the gang, where we store parts of cars, drugs and all available product for the usefulness of the gang.

    CDC Weapons Deposit:
    This is a special location where we stock Weapons and ready to be used in our future arms traffic transactions.

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    • Rank 7

    Leader - The Headmaster. Working as democratic and always with the objective to improve the gang and the roster, looking for new solutions and improvements. Always friendly, never favoring other more members, acting naturally during a problem to find a solution.

    • Rank 6

    Vice Leader - The leader's most trusted & right hand and is empowered to serve as the leader in his absence.

    • Rank 5

    Managers - Managers will work on maintaining their crew and recruiting new members. Each manager will have its crew and each crew will have a "drugs den" relying more on a realistic RP. Will be responsible for payment of winnings from your crew. This money will be deposited on behalf of the gang. The recruitment of new members will be TOTAL manager's responsibility in question, that means anything wrong that the player does, will enter the manager's account. Good deeds also enter the manager's account.

    • Rank 4

    Honorary HQ: This post if for HQs who once served the gang but now are inactive/retired.
    Respected [=RM=]: Helped the gang a lot, is worthy of this post.

    • Rank 3

    Veteran [=V=]- This is the right arm of each crew manager, Responsible for help within the crew, and within the gang, always looking the best for the gang, always being fair to all. Serving as an example for new members.
    Informant [=I=]- This is the guy responsible for monitoring the Helpers, and applicants. Always looking to the past of the applicant and their attitudes within the gang, and passing your feedback to Managers.
    Treasurer [=T=]- This member is responsible for all monitoring of the gang money, always encouraging gang members to make donations in amounts of money whenever needed. Is also responsible for logging all the inflow from the sale of drugs and weapons, and the bribe paid to the police every month. Also responsible for the events and all expenditures within the gang.

    • Rank 2

    Scout [=S=] - This member is responsible for the safety of the gang and immediate bosses (HQ Team), also working as a newest members supervisor.
    Theft Command[=TC=]: They are responsible for making bank robberies, taking all the decisions and precautions

    • Rank 1

    Drugs Dealer[=DD=] - This member, who has gone through thief, and received the concept of drug dealer, is responsible for passing the drugs to buyers and if the police came, would have to go quickly, with all the goods and money, this guy is also known as steam, you have to really evaporate as the police arrive.
    Robber[=R=] - This member received the concept of the robber, responsible for get the money through the carjackings, homes and civilians on the street.

    • Rank 0

    Messenger - Known as "Aviãozinho". This is the new member in the gang, every member goes through this rank, he will be trained and will learn how to behave within the group. After he go through the learning period, will be promoted to Robber.

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    • Rank 7

    🇹🇳 Killer

    • Rank 6

    Vice Leader:
    🇹🇳 Proton

    • Rank 5

    🇧🇷 CenaDoLoko

    • Rank 4

    Honorary HQ:

    🇧🇷 Julio
    🇧🇷 Lean

    • Rank 3


    🇧🇷 Dippo


    • Rank 2

    🇧🇷 SrMister

    Theft Command:

    • Rank 1

    Drugs Dealer:


    • Rank 0

    🇹🇳 Itachi
    🇩🇿 Cannon
    🇻🇪 Veneno~X
    🇹🇳 Ahmed
    🇹🇳 Ekko
    🇹🇳 Persico
    🇹🇳 Fatroucha
    🇹🇳 Benya3ka
    🇱🇻 Happy
    🇵🇹 Drogado
    🇲🇽 Chapo
    🇹🇳 Liberty
    🇧🇷 Sanguefriu
    🇹🇳 OmarL
    🇳🇱 Fredo
    🇳🇱 Gurb
    🇹🇳 Mahdize
    🇩🇿 LiRica
    🇧🇷 Dead
    🇩🇪 Pacino
    🇹🇳 SweeT
    🇩🇰 Premier
    🇵🇪 Cevi
    🇧🇷 Brazzzza

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    • Follow all server rules (F1).
    • Respect all admins.
    • Never let your brother down.
    • Never fight in Main chat/Teamchat.
    • Do not provoke other players
    • Ignore provocations.
    • Make sure to apologize whenever you make a mistake toward other players.
    • Do not fight with each other we are family here.
    • Do not leak CDC information.
    • Be mature.
    • Leaving the gang without speaking with the HQ team will get you blacklisted.

    alt text


    Our recruitment is currently closed but you can still be considered due to the amount of effort you show in-game.


    • Mature attitude & behavior
    • You must be 13 years old, if not older.
    • Understandable English
    • Must be aware of the server rules and obey them at all times.
    • Must commit effort to the application.
    • Loyalty

    If you feel confident in meeting our recruitment standards, don't hesitate and try your luck by sending us your application (fill in application format below). A very few are eligible to certain exceptions in case we deem it's reasonable.

    Application Format:

    ***Have you ever been banned from SAES? if so, why?:***
    ***Previous memberships? (including why you left/got kicked):***
    ***Did any CDC member suggest that you should apply? if so, who?:***
    ***Why shall we consider accepting you?:***
    ***How will you be benefiting CDC:***
    **Important! Post pictures interacting in-game with CDC members (use a spoiler):**

    please be smart and don't remove the stars

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